January 20, 2024

Weekend Notes: January 20th.

Dress | Shoes | Bag

How is everyone doing? We haven’t caught up in a while! It’s been a fun couple of weeks with Keith and me escaping to California for a few days. We flew out for The Creative Arts Emmys (he was nominated for Sound Mixing for 100 Foot Wave but sadly didn’t win) but decided to add two nights of Laguna Beach to our trip.

We stayed at the Montage, and it was beyond stunning. If you ever have an opportunity to stay there, I cannot recommend it enough. The food was phenomenal, and the views and beachfront ambiance were just what we needed. Having a bit of slowness before jumping into the LA craziness was the best move on our part, especially for Keith, who has been working 12-hour days in the last few months.

I wore the above dress, which isn’t for everyone, but I loved it. The Creative Arts Emmys is less fancy than the Prime Time Emmys, so I could wear whatever my heart desired.

Let’s get to some links from the week:

I’m currently reading a page of this book every single day. For someone who has difficulty focusing on something for too long, it’s easy to digest while still being thought-provoking. I forget where I learned about it (maybe TikTok), but I’m really enjoying it. 

I’ve seen a puffy heart earring from several jewelry designers but haven’t wanted to shell out big bucks. This $26 version from Madewell is a great one.

This is one of my favorite white tees and it is back in stock. I wear a medium.

A huge breakthrough behind the cause of morning sickness for some expecting mothers.

Alicias Five Things blog posts are always a favorite of mine. She has the best taste.

ICYMI, my best purchases from 2023.

On that list is this mug that keeps my coffee nice and hot. I’m currently using it and it’s the simple things.

I’m so ready for a tropical vacation. Here’s my vacation edit. 

On that note, 14 relaxing vacations if you need peace and relaxation.

35 cozy recipe ideas for cold & dreary winter days.

I’m very into these leather mules for under $100.

A great pair of chunky New Balance sneakers that are back in stock. They run true to size.

Instagram’s favorite New Yorker cartoons from this year.

How to spot a frenemy- and be a real a friend.

Adding some of these NYC hotel bars on my list to check out.

The 20 best pizza places in NYC and I happen to agree with most of this list.

A gorgeous Greenwich Village apartment. Love the bookshelves.

I ordered this dress (in a medium) and I plan to wear it with a pair of tall black boots. I

I’m going to leave it here! On Monday I leave for a trip with a Estée Lauder. The opportunity came up earlier this week and I couldn’t pass it up. We’re heading to one of the five Blue Zones of the world! I’m pretty excited.

Have a wonderful weekend and week!





  • Jana

    You look amazing Helena!

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    Congratulations to Keith for the nomination! You looked phenomenal!

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    Helena,you are simply gorgeous. But please stop messaging with your face.

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