October 28, 2023

Weekend Notes: October 28th

Brooklyn Blonde blogger Helena Glazer sharing her Weekend Notes October 28thLast night, Keith and I went to a Halloween Party and dressed as this  photo of Hailey & Justin Bieber. There were a few things we were missing to really commit to the costume (me: Krispy Kreme donuts & Rhode lipgloss that didn’t arrive in time. Keith: fake chest tattoos and jibbits on the crocs), but all in all, we had a really fun time! I’ve come to realize how much I love Halloween. I thought it would be the reverse, but the older I get, the more I love it. 

Weekend Notes: October 28th

Are you planning to read or listen to the Britney Spears memoir? I started listening to it on audio, and it’s an easy listen, but man, I feel so sad for everything she’s been through. Here’s The Atlantic’s review of it.

I love this date blouse from Favorite Daughter. I got it in navy to go with these pants, but am also considering the white. The bodysuit makes it have that perfect, drapey tucked-in look.

H&M is having 20% off if you’re a member. For a stylish coat that’s under a $100, this is a really good one. Also, a sequined mini for the upcoming holiday season.

Today I’m planning to make this gingery chicken noodle soup.

The 22 Best 80s movies to stream right now.

Why the ‘supermom’ stereotype hurts mothers

40 kid-friendly family vacation spots, organized by age & what to do at each destination

I cannot stop thinking about this coffee table for our studio, but waiting to see if there will be a code happening soon.

I’ve mentioned this a bunch, but I’ve been really enjoying posting to my substack. I’ve been trying to keep the content different and it’s given me a nice creative burst. Some articles that I’ve published recently: seven pairs of shoes that I’ve worn recently, ten iconic looks from the 90s that I plan to recreate and my weekend five series.

Can parents and child-free people be friends? I have a few very close friends who don’t have any kids, but it requires work, including making kid-free plans, something I’m (personally) always happy to do. 

For those of us with anxiety, especially while on vacation or taking any sort of PTO

Should you sleep with socks on?

I just ordered this vegetable/salad chopper after watching way too many people on TikTok share how they use it. It seems to be the best little tool for making an easy “box” salad without chopping. 

My chocolate brown By Far bag is on 25% off with the code FW2023.

This Free People cardigan is back in stock. It’s one of my favorites to wear around (and out of) the house. I wear a medium.

Everything you need to know about apples (+ recipes for specific types)

My favorite buys from Amazon as of late

I am loving Maggie Smith’s Loewe campaign.

How to wash towels so they have that luxurious, soft feeling every time

40 kid-friendly family vacation spots, organized by age & what to do at each destination



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    well done on the Biebers costume!

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