November 19, 2019

New In: I Sold My Red Jumbo Flap for A Red Medium Flap.


chanel red medium flap

chanel red medium flapCoat: H&M (color is sold out, but still available in a beautiful cream. Also,  similar style here) | Turtleneck: H&M (wearing a small) | Leggings: Commando (wearing a small) | Sneakers: Axel Arigato (true to size) | Sunglasses: Colors in Optics | Bag: Chanel Medium Flap

If we’re not counting sweats and loungewear, my first non-pregnancy outfit in months! It’s a bittersweet moment. We snapped these quickly on our way home from the Pediatrician, mainly because I wanted to wear my new bag.

For those who followed my stories yesterday (and I’ll save them to my ‘handbag tawk’ highlight), I decided to part with my jumbo flap to get this red medium flap. I’ve had my jumbo for years, but rarely reached for it, which started to annoy me whenever I’d see it sitting in my closet. So I knew it was time to #SellToBuy for something I’d excitedly want to wear. I still wanted a red bag, but one that was a bit smaller and that had a cross body option, especially now with two little children. Even when I bring a diaper bag with me, whether it’s in the car or attached to my stroller, I do like having my keys, wallet, phone, lipgloss, etc… in another bag that I’m wearing.

red medium flap

Q: Can the medium be worn across the body? 

A: In short, yes. The strap length is on the shorter side. A bit shorter than the mini rectangle. It has a certain look when worn that way, but I’m into it. Obviously, when worn on top of a coat, it looks a bit shorter than when worn without one. If you’re very curvy or have a large chest, it may look even shorter. So just a thing to keep in mind!  I also love how it looks just draped over the shoulder. Of course, if you’re contemplating this style, it’s best to try it on before committing to it.

Q: Where did you purchase the bag? How do you know it’s authentic? 

A: I’m part of this Chanel Facebook group and it’s not like it’s a secret group as there’s over 17,000 members. However, I’m always a bit hesitant to post these type of things because I get hit with questions like: “But how do you know it’s authentic?” and “Is there a guarantee?” etc….

In short, unless you’re buying directly from the store, I guess there’s always some risk involved, right? In my case, I try to be as cautious as possible and thankfully, I’ve never been screwed. When I was looking for this particular bag, I posted on the group: “Searching for  a true red caviar, medium flap with silver hardware..”  I had a few people message me and ultimately, I ended up lucking out with getting the same exact red as my jumbo, 14C (2014 Cruise), which happens to be one of my all-time favorite Chanel reds.

As far as authenticity:

First things first, the moderators of the group do a great job at approving all posts before they go up. When someone lists something for sale, there’s an approval process. It’s also the type of group where people will help members authenticate Chanel bags from other places. You’ll often see posts like “could you help me authenticate this?” because the group is filled with a ton of “Chanel experts.”

It’s also important to do your own research. Search the sellers name in the group  – are they an active member? Have they sold before? Are they sending you a ton of photos that prove the bag is real? If you’re dealing with the process through direct messaging and you’re still unsure, post the photos within the group and ask the members to help you confirm. I also love The Purse Forum’s authenticity sub forums. Again, if you’re unsure and feeling hesitant, don’t buy from there.

Q: What are some other sources to buy from? 

A few other great sources to buy new or second hand: @JuilaRoseBoston, The RealReal* (more on that below), REBAG & FashionPhile.

Yes, this article was released about the RealReal, but considering it’s the largest resale site on the internet, I still feel comfortable with fully trusting it. If you happen to buy a bag from there and it does not check out (which trust me, is VERY unlikely despite the article), I know they have an excellent customer service department and will refund your money. There’s also credit card protection (I always use my Amex). I know a ton of people who’ve purchased items from there with zero issues, myself included.

I plan to have a lengthier handbag post breaking down what bags are my favorite, what I’d invest in when it comes to Chanel and other designers and my favorite bags that don’t break the bank. In the meantime, I hope you found this post helpful! Any other questions, please ask in the comment section below.



  • Diana Cano

    Did you end up selling the jumbo? I’m sure it went quick! That was my favorite bag of yours, I wish I was like you where you are easily able to give things up when it no longer suits you, its a trait I envy! Love it all and Red is most definitely your color <3

    • Shagun

      Thanks Helena. Can you also do a post on how to give some TLC to pre-owned bags? Places to go? Costs? Time it takes?

  • Janine

    Very interesting post! I actually always preferred the look of the medium to the jumbo, but the shorter strap is not something that I am into. Though, I must say, it does look really cool with this camel coat, particularly the red really looks against it, and I always like the look of a more casual outfit with a super classy Chanel bag 🙂
    xx Janine

  • Amna

    Loved this post. Can’t wait for the detailed review on bags.

  • Gayana Bagdasaryan

    Thanks for sharing about the FB group! I just asked to join. I’m looking for jumbo burgundy caviar double flap with gold hardware. Impossible to find and Chanel hasn’t done it in years. Not red, not orange, not brown – true burgundy. 🙂 Maybe some day 🙂

  • Darcy

    You can get the strap lengthened with Leather Surgeons! Gerry is amazing and uses only authentic chanel parts! Also we have been selling luxury handbags for over 6 years please check out my IG Opulent Habits for authentic luxury handbags!

  • Ifti Ahmed

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    Thank You So Much For Your Information.

  • Sally

    Thanks for the info Helena!! I love your instagram that often brings me back to here 🙂 I am currently hunting down an LV limited edition bag I can only find on Vestiaire Collective. Have you ever used them or heard about them from others before? Thanks!

  • RO

    Funnily enough, how do we know Julia Rose’s authentication process or Rebag’s for that matter. Have to employ some trust for cost savings.

  • Rishi Sharma

    Thanks For Sharing

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