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I was born and raised in NYC (Queens, to be exact) by Russian immigrant parents, which I only mention because it had such an impact on the person that I am today. After graduating Brooklyn College and then FIT, I immediately began working in the Fashion Industry, where I learned so much about the business, both from a style and business perspective.

In 2010, my husband, Keith (then boyfriend) asked me what hobby I was passionate about and aside from putting outfits together, merchandising and buying and selling things on eBay, I realized I didn’t have a good answer to give him. It was that conversation that led me to start a blog. I started Brooklyn Blonde with no one in mind but myself. Brand partnerships were barely a thing and never in a million years did I think I’d have readers who actually tuned in. Fast forward to seven years later and we’re married, living in Brooklyn and parents to a boy named Nate (born 4/24/2016).

When I’m not working on content for the blog or mom-ing around, I love exploring all the best restaurants NYC has to offer, watching The Office, Sex & the City and Felicity. I’m a typical libra in that I crave balance: I need a healthy social life as much as I enjoy sitting on the couch, with a face and hair mask on. With that being said, I’m the biggest skincare junkie. You’ll find many posts dedicated to beauty, motherhood, NYC and of course, what started it all, fashion and outfits!

Today, I am honored to have worked with some incredible brands including David Yurman, Tiffany, Sephora, Nordstrom, Skinceuticals, Bobbi Brown, Barneys New York, Amex, HomeGoods, Veueve Clicquot and many more.

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Answering your FAQ’s and your questions pertaining to the business of blogging. Also, I asked YOU readers to tell me about yourselves (personally, one of my favorite posts) and then I answered those same questions back, which you can find here. There’s an entire section dedicated to all things motherhood and as far as outfits, I’ve tried to break them down by season, to the best of my ability. I hope you enjoy!

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