November 19, 2019

A Holiday Gift Idea | Wish You Could Smell Our Home!


Aera Smart Diffuser

Aera Smart DiffuserFor the last few weeks, we’ve been using the Aera Smart Diffuser to fill our home with scents of the season. Right now, we’re using the Log Fire scent for our living room and loving how its transformed the space into a cozy retreat. What I love the most about it is that it’s both kid & pet-friendly; there isn’t a flame to worry about, as set up is as simple as plugging it in and placing a fragrance cartridge inside. This allows me to feel comfortable knowing Nate, Sasha, and Mika can safely be around it when displayed on our coffee table.

The Aera also looks minimalistic and is aesthetically pleasing!

Unlike other diffusers we’ve used in the past, the Aera Smart Diffuser allows for more control of the amount of fragrance dispersed into the room. There are settings 1-10 for proper diffusion of small, medium, and large rooms. We like the lower setting because it provides the right amount of consistent fragrance without feeling overpowering. This is also my first time using a diffuser that can be controlled with an actual app and Amazon Alexa! The scents last 800 hours on average, wipe away any pet smells and just makes our home feel so cozy. As much as I love candles, ever since having a child, I’ve stopped lighting them in our high traffic areas, especially during “peak” hours.

Aera Smart DiffuserThey also have several aromatherapy fragrances which I’m really looking forward to trying. Earlier this week I ordered De-Stress Mind and Deep Relax for when I take baths and need to unwind from the crazy days I have ahead (aka two small children).

holiday gift idea

Aera DiffuserAnd now that we’re in November and the holidays are around the corner, they have such a great selection of limited edition Holiday Delights (Sugar & Spice, Hot Toddy, and Snowfall!) that are getting me incredibly excited for the season. I highly recommend this sleek, attractive, hypoallergenic little gadget, whether for you or for an upcoming holiday gift.

Use my code BROOKLYN20 for 20% OFF diffusers through 11/25!

Thank you to Aera for partnering on this post




  • Sel

    Hello Helena, congratulations to you, Keith and Nate on your beautiful daughter and sister.
    Helena, please be careful with the fragrances that are used in your gorgeous home. I looked at the ingredient list for Aera’s products and noticed that they use a combination of natural botanicals and, what they term, “safe synthetics” in their fragrances. I did a quick search on some of the “safe synthetics” and, yes, these synthetics are used in a wide variety of consumer fragrance products and are generally considered safe. But, they are also known to cause allergic reactions. Please don’t think that I am being mean. You have a beautiful daughter and son whose immune systems are immature and developing and I would hate for them to have an adverse reaction to any of the “safe synthetics”. I apologise if I have overstepped the mark.

  • Janine

    Oh this is really interesting! You are right, when having kids and pets around it’s really way more smart to have a diffuser instead of candles!
    xx Janine

  • JoannE

    I noticed in the reviews that someone said it was noisy. Is it more than a hum?

  • Nicki

    Thanks for posting, this looks great!
    I just love your home–would you mind sharing what color paint you used for your walls?

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