November 21, 2019

Feel Good TV Shows To Watch

Feel Good TV Shows To WatchSamsung Frame TV

As the weather gets colder and colder, I know that many of us will be spending a lot more time indoors. There’s something about the change of seasons that makes me feel perfectly content, just hanging on the couch, binging on good television. This is not even taking a newborn into consideration, but obviously, for me, that’s a huge part of it.

The other day, I asked you all for your suggestions on feel-good shows. With my raging hormones, I wanted a show that: wasn’t too depressing, didn’t have any killing, anyone dying, sick children or that was going to send my emotions into overdrive. I actually don’t love those type of shows in general, but especially now. I got a list of great recommendations of feel good TV shows to watch that I wanted to share.

Aside from the classics like Friends, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sex & the City & Seinfeld, below are the shows that got recommended the most:

Feel Good TV Shows To Watch:

Schitt’s Creek – the number one recommended show and I concur, it’s so good.  (Netflix)

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon)

Fleabag (Amazon)

Jane the Virgin (Netflix)

Four Weddings and a Funeral (Hulu)

Big Bang Theory (Netflix)

The Great British Bakeoff (Netflix)

The Good Place (Netflix)

Arrested Development (Netflix)

Great News (Netflix)

Parks & Rec (Netflix)

Working Moms (Netflix)

Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

Atypical (Netflix)

The Morning Show (Apple TV+) – maybe not necessarily feel good, but entertaining and definitely not “feel bad..” Such a good show with superb acting.

Catastrophe (Amazon)

Gossip Girl (Netflix)

Derry Girls (Netflix)

Dollface (Hulu)

Blackish (Hulu)

Fresh Off The Boat (Hulu)

Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon)

The Bold Type (Hulu)

Younger (Hulu)

Grace & Frankie (Netflix)

The Politician (Netflix)

Modern Love (Amazon)

Have you watched any of these? Any that I’m missing that you’d recommend?

Edited to add some more of your recommendations!



  • Emma

    Such great recommendations! I stumbled across Gilmore Girls a couple of months ago when recovering from wisdom teeth removal having been kind of aware of its existence. Have to say I am hooked and am just about to start series 7! It’s a great little feel good series, and always feels autumnal/Christmassy thanks to the little town setting and twinkly lights. Nostalgic fashion too!

  • Elena

    Watch Episodes, so funny and cleaver! Enjoy!

  • Katie

    Derry girls! I would have added that when you posted your question but I just started it the other day. Hard to get used to the accent right away but hilarious. Wouldn’t watch with kiddos in the room though!

    • Sarah

      I suggested Derry Girls! It’s one of my favorites! My husband and I were in Derry in June and did a tour of the town and filming locations, it was awesome. Our tour guide and an very personal tie to the conflict – his dad was one of the men killed on Bloody Sunday. He told us while he was in school, his buses would get stopped and soldiers would come on with their guns and do checks.

      If you haven’t done so, I recommend reading up on the history of it all. Did you know it’s a walled city? You can get around the entire place by walking on the walls. I definitely never learned about any of this on high school or college. It’s amazing how they are fighting to overcome what they have been through. It wasn’t that long ago.

      You should also look up the mural they painted of The Derry Girls on one of the buildings. It’s stunning!! If you look really closely, there is a shadow of the person taking their picture in the eyes.

      And yes, the accents on the show are 100% real. I had a really hard time understand some of the people there, but everyone was so lovely.

    • Katie

      Jane the Virgin! The whole series is on Netflix.

  • Sneza

    These are not sitcoms, but if you want to watch some shows that are just visually stunning and psychologically soothing (Monty has the best voice), I recommend Monty Don’s French Gardens (Netflix), Italian Gardens (Netflix), Around the World in 80 Gardens (YouTube), The Secret History of British Gardens (YouTube), and many more. So beautiful.

    • Katie

      Seconding anything from Monty Don! Watching his shows is almost like meditation 🧘‍♀️.

    • jo

      Dont forget the ones related to interior design & decoration soothing as well

  • Danielle

    I love light, feel good sitcoms so I’m not ashamed to say I’ve watched many of the shows you have listed and love them!

  • Isabelle

    Superstore is highly underrated! On nbc and hulu. Its hilarious and so good!!!

  • Janine

    Thanks for these recommendations!! I absolutely loooved The Bold Type, it’s a really empowering show. Right now I am watching Marvelous Mrs Maisel and can highly recommend!
    xx Janine

  • Eliz


  • Jo+

    Unbreakeable Kimmy Smichdt spelling may not be the best but is a short episode really positive upbeat happening also in new york city.

    • Olivia

      Yes!!!! Possibly the cutest, quirkiest show. Love it!

  • Olivia

    I love so many of these shows! I meant to respond to the insta post with:
    ‘The Other Two.’ So funny! Season 1 on Amazon Prime.
    ‘Shrill’ is another good one on Hulu.
    ‘Derry Girls’ – cute and funny on Netflix.
    Currently obsessed with ‘Billy on the Street’ on Netflix!

    • Samantha

      I just finished Billy on the Street and the song is stuck in my head. hahahaha It is such a good belly laugh.

  • Hailey

    Shocked that New Girl isn’t on the list- it’s on Netflix and one of my all time faves! Very lighthearted, easy watch, and funny!

  • Sel

    “Everybody Loves Raymond” – from the 90s but always manages to make me laugh. Ray’s parents were my favourite characters.

  • Carrie

    Doc Martin on Amazon Prime/Acorn TV!

  • Margaret

    I’m so glad you made a post about this because on my walk to work it hit me- you would love Lipstick Jungle! It’s on Netflix (though they only made two seasons). It’s basically like Sex and The City except with more of a focus on their careers instead of their love life. Honestly I think it would see so much more success in the current culture than it did in the 2000’s. HIGHLY recommend used to have viewing parties with my girlfriends

    • Langelica

      I tried to her about Lipstick Jungle. It should be on the list. Also, if you like Gilmore Girls and The Marvelous Mrs. M, then maybe you’ll enjoy Bunheads. Sadly, only one session, 18 episodes, and it’s how I was introduced to “Liza Miller.” 😃

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  • Jae

    Loved this post! I am always looking for good shows to watch. Thanks for the recs!

  • Madi

    “I’m Sorry” on Netflix! It takes a couple episodes to get into it, but then you’re hooked! Reminds me of Curb with the dry humor, but a female main character with a kid.

  • yolanda

    Yes I’ve watched or am currently watching 3/4 of this list. I’ll definitely check out the shoes I haven’t watched yet. Good list!

  • Gracie

    The Kominsky Method (Netflix)

  • Samantha

    I agree Schitt’s Creek and The Politician is a must watch. I also loved Kim’s Convenience and American Vandal on Netflix.

  • pandoraappapk

    Great post

    • Jen

      Parenthood is an oldie but goodie. 🙂

  • Mireia

    There are many of them I’ve already seen but thanks for the recommendations!

    Mireia from TGL

    • Emily

      I found Life In Pieces (on Hulu) when I was home on maternity leave. It’s hilarious! Light hearted and funny.

  • Mariya Zafirova

    Ah, so many favourites!

    Mariya |

  • Alexa M Johnson

    Great options! I love some of these shows!

  • Alexis Welsh

    For feel-good TV shows, I would recommend The Golden Girls, 21 Jump Street (you can watch full episodes for free on YouTube), Full House, Fuller House (Netflix), Two and a Half Men, and Welcome Back Kotter. 🙂

  • Ruth Josey

    Wow! Thanks so much for the great viewing list. I’m going to definitely be checking some of those out. I’m already through Season 2 and anxiously awaiting Season 3 of Mrs. Maisel. What a fun show! And congratulations on the new little one – so precious (and sleeping peacefully, which is always so nice). And I loved the picture of your handsome little man all color-coordinated with his darling best friend. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


  • numan

    great post

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  • Melissa

    Cougartown on hulu. Just say yes to Busy Philips and Courtney Cox. It is silly and makes you want to grab a glass of wine.

  • Ann

    The Durrells in Corfu (Amazon)—-laugh out loud funny, in a gorgeous setting!

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