November 22, 2019

Weekend Notes: Getting Back Into Action!

NET-A-PORTER sale, Weekend Notes: Getting Back Into Action!This photo makes me happy and  felt appropriate for a weekend post! Nate’s jacket is Zara & he’s wearing a 3-4

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things and while I’m not necessarily rushing, it feels good to get my creative juices flowing. It’s been two weeks with having a newborn and a toddler and so far, it’s gone smoother than I could have expected. The hardest part has been getting out of the house with the baby (and not even with two – Nate’s been in school!), but I’m hoping it all gets easier with a little time and practice. I’ve also never watched so much tv in my entire life. I’m enjoying every moment of this low-key, downtime while it’s here.

It also feels pretty good to slowly get back into regular, non-pregnancy clothes. A part of me misses my bump, especially when I see Sasha and I think “oh my goodness. you were just inside of me and now you’re here,” but it’s definitely easier getting dressed and living life when you’re not pregnant. I have some weight to lose to get back (and to feel great) in my regular clothes. But again, I’m not rushing or stressing over it. With Nate, I was so fixated on it and this time, I know that time will come with some work and patience.

Did you catch yesterday’s post on feel-good shows to watch

Our NOW ARRIVING XL cashmere journey wraps, in either powder grey or charcoal, are 20% off if you buy one or 30% off if you buy two. They make for the most luxe gifts, whether for yourself or for a loved one. I use mine for brutally cold days, for travel or for lounging at home. Use code CYBER20 when buying one or CYBER30 when buying two.

Song’s unfiltered confession, “I’m taking these photos and posting #aboutlastnight or something vain just to showcase that my life is perfect and people are commenting #goals when in fact, I’m so depressed.”

A big NET-A-PORTER sale is happening and I’ve found a few good gems at 40% off: high-top Golden Goose, Aquazzura leopard sock boots, shearling lined Chloe boots (I still love these classics so much), and an oversized linen Tibi blazer.

Harry Potter’s childhood home is now a cozy B&B.

Apparently these will be the must-read books of 2020.

One of my favorite face oils to keep my skin hydrated for winter.

And while we’re on the topic of skincare, one of my all-time favorite masques is back in stock.

This masque was sold out for months, but now available at Aida Bicaj. Her website does a great job explaining why it’s such a brilliant product. Aida was actually the very first place I went to get a Biologique Recherche facial (years ago). Per her recommendation, I apply P50 and then apply the masque for 20-30 minutes. Be warned, it smells horrendous and is the color of dog poop.

The black  booties I’ve been wearing for 4-5 years now come in this color & I may have just bought myself a present. They’re  actually a bit shorter (85mm instead of 100mm) than my black pair, but this years black version has a lower heel. They’re very comfortable and look so good on.

A radically rehabbed Brooklyn Heights townhouse.

One of my favorite pairs of earrings that are the perfect compliment to holiday dresses or casual denim.

The funniest tweets from parents this month.

One of my pregnancy essentials for preventing stretch marks.

Why do we eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

Have a wonderful weekend!



  • Janine

    That photo really is super cute 🙂 aww yes girl, take all the time you need, our mind and body tell us what we need, we just have to listen to it. Often times it is better to rest and take things slowly to then be back in action 100% instead of trying to snap right back into it 🙂
    xx Janine

  • Mireia

    How cute!

    Mireia from TGL

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  • Mariya Zafirova

    Those earrings are gorgeous!

    Mariya |

  • Lacey Siegel

    Just bought the earrings on sale on Hoping they work on me and with a sweater and jeans.

  • Syd

    Is that a wheaten terrier? I’ve got one at home; so sweet.

  • Joanne

    Such a sweet pic today! Just love it. On another subject, last year you ‘sponsored’ the Nespresso machines. I purchased one and just can’t be without it. A friend of mine asked me to inquire if you were offering the same ‘deal’ this year on your site?

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  • Jae

    Those black bootie heels are so gorgeous! Always love reading about these random notes.

  • Jen

    Can you use or did you use the masque vivant while pregnant? It’s the best!!

  • vijayan

    nice posting

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