November 27, 2019

The Beauty Products That Impressed me in 2019

The Beauty Products That Impressed me in 2019There have been many times where I’ve tried new products and I’m reminded at how much I love my older, trusty favorites. Then there are those occasions, although not many considering how many things I try, where I’m genuinely impressed with something new.

I’ve teamed up with Nordstrom, one of my go-to destinations for all things beauty, to share some of my favorite beauty items (mostly new and a few rediscoveries) from 2019. Many of these are part of their cyber sale so whether it’s something you want to try yourself or a gift you’re looking to get, it’s a great time to buy or experiment.

The Beauty Products That Impressed me in 2019


PCA Sheer Tint:

I have a few SPFs that I really like, but I’ve come to the conclusion that PCA Sheer Tint is currently my #1. The tint gives me a nice glow, never breaks me out, never makes me look greasy and works perfectly for days I don’t want to wear too much face makeup. On minimal makeup days, I pair it with my trusty NARS Creamy Concealer.


This ointment is the absolute best for dry hands, lips and even my dry winter nose. It’s versatile and unlike a lot of other balms that I’ve tried, it continues to work for hours. Also, the aesthetically pleasing packaging makes it one of my favorite gifts to give. Normally, this duo is $33.90 but it’s currently on sale for $27.

Augustinus Bader Rich Cream:

I’ve spoken about this countless times so I won’t get into it again but hands-down, one of my top three products in all things beauty: a holy grail, can’t-live-without type of product. If you have a beauty loving person who is worth the splurge, it would make for quite the luxurious gift.

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum:

Again, I won’t get into crazy detail about this since I’ve covered it several times, but it wouldn’t be an accurate list without the inclusion of VD! Major holy grail status when it come to skincare.

Indie Lee:

I’m somewhat newish to Indie Lee & although I’m a couple of months in, I’ve been very impressed with the range. I started with the CoQ-10 Toner when I was looking for something on the milder side for to start my morning routine with. I saw a couple of my favorite beauty-guru people mention it and naturally, I was intrigued. The line is 100% clean and I’ve been impressed. If you’re interested in trying it out, the Indie Lee Discovery Kit is part of the Nordstrom cyber deal sales.

Rose Quartz Workout Set:

 Throughout my entire pregnancy, I relied heavily on my Gua-Sha and Face Roller. I’m convinced it helped me look less puffy and in general, more vibrant. Now that I’m not pregnant, I’m continuing to use it to help my face not scream: “I have a newborn!” In all seriousness, it really does get the blood flowing and help with face bloat and smoothness. Even if it’s subtle, for under $50 (currently part of their cyber sale), in my opinion, it’s a small price to pay. I haven’t had botox (or anything, including any lasers or peels) in over a year and until I’m done nursing, I don’t plan on it, so this is really helping hold me over.

Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream:

I used this eye cream years ago and then I forgot about it. This past year, I rediscovered it and it’s become my favorite to finish off my nightly skincare routine. Whatever my nightly routine consists of, even if it’s another eye cream earlier in the evening, I’ll apply a thick layer of this a few minutes before bed. It’s not overly expensive so I don’t feel guilty about being too generous when applying. It gives the eyes a much-needed layer of protection and hydration.

Philosophy ‘Amazing Grace’ Firming Lotion:

 This lotion was this years rediscovery. I’ve been a huge fan of Amazing Grace body lotion and perfume for over a decade (possibly longer), but over the last two years, I ran out and forgot to rebuy. A few months ago, I started using the lotion again and I would literally have people stop me to tell me how good I smell. I typically tend to mix it with a drop of unscented body lotion and the result is this incredible, clean-body smell that I cannot get enough of.

Elemis Cleansing Balm:

One of my top favorites for the first cleanse. Breaks down makeup, SPF and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated before my next steps.

PCA Intensive Brightening Retinol:

In my opinion, one of the best over-the-counter retinol products out there. With continued use, it will lighten dark spots, diminish fine-lines and give an overall, smoother complexion. A friendly reminder: please ease into any retinol product and don’t use in conjunction with strong exfoliators. If you see that your skin handles it well, increase your use. And always use an SPF when using any retinol product.

The Beauty Products That Impressed me in 2019


Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil:

This brow pencil was one of my most repurchased beauty items in 2019. Paired with the 24 hour brow-setter and the high-brow highlighter, the combination is the most flattering and easiest to use, that I’ve found, and actually lasts throughout the day. In the pencil, I use shade #3. Nordstrom also has this full-size set on sale (a $149 value on sale for $49), which either makes for a great gift or the perfect way to test out some of their top brow products.

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Beauty Wand Highlighter:

Typically, I’m a fan of powder blushes, but this cream blush has been the loveliest addition to my makeup routine. A little bit goes a long way and I apply to the apples of my cheeks and my collarbone and unlike most powder blushes, it lasts all day and leaves the prettiest sheen on the skin.


Nécessaire Body Wash:

To be fair, I really love the entire range. The ingredients are clean and never leave the skin feeling stripped. However, the body wash is possibly my favorite product of theirs. The smells are not overly scented, not overly foamy (rather, a bit silky) and whenever I take a shower, it creates such a spa-like feeling.


Living Proof Dry Shampoo:

This continues to be my favorite dry shampoo out there. It leaves my hair feeling cleaner and bouncier without any weird residue. I’ve tried so many others but always come back to this one.

Olaplex Hair Perfector #3:

Another product I’ve written about several times & it continues to be my favorite. Especially as someone who colors their hair and uses their fair share of heat (although I’ve been much better at using a lot less), this is a must. After I shower, I apply and leave on for 30 minutes up to several hours and my hair feels and looks significantly healthier and shinier.

Aveda Dry Remedy Treatment:

To maintain a healthy head of hair, especially if you color and use heat, your hair needs both protein and moisture. This Aveda mask is one of my favorites for moisture. I wash my hair, then generously apply this and leave it on as I do things around the house. For an added boost, put on a plastic shower cap and blast your head with a blowdryer for a few minutes

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub: 

I first learned about this from Erin on Instagram. She’s choosy about what products she praises but when she does, you know it’s legit. This scrub is the absolute best at detoxifying the scalp. When I first tried it, I was a bit confused on how to use it but with the second time, I got the hang of it. You take a teaspoon amount and really massage into your entire scalp. After a minute or so, add a bit more water to emulsify. The result: buildup is removed and you’re left with a happier, healthier head of hair. Definitely one of my favorite new finds of 2019 and one I plan to gift to a few of my friends. It comes in two sizes: a smaller size, which is a great way to try if you’re unsure, and a larger one.

There you have some of my 2019 favorites, new and old. How about you?! What have been your holy grail products. Please share below as I’d love to know what I’m missing out on and need to try. 

Huge thanks to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!



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