March 23, 2023

Twelve of my favorite buys from Amazon

collage of Twelve of my favorite buys from Amazon

I’m excited to share twelve of my favorite items from Amazon. With the exception of the conditioner and the luggage set, I’ve repurchased every single one of these items, many on multiple occasions. I stand by all of these and often find myself recommending them in the most random conversations.

Twelve of my favorite Amazon Buys:

United Detangler Leave-In Conditioner:

A friend of mine was raving about this leave-in conditioner and I immediately added it to my amazon cart. I’ve been using it for both Sasha and myself for a few weeks and it is so good.  The 8,000+ positive reviews speak for themselves, but it makes my hair so much less frizzy and easier to manage. On Sasha, I spray a little after washing and combing it through (especially when using the Yves Durif brush) is a breeze.

Torani Brown Sugar Syrup:

I add the tiniest little drop of this before pouring my coffee and creamer and it adds the perfect amount of (sugar free) flavor. The ingredients are probably not the best, but I use so little, I’m okay with the decision to use it. I alternate between this one and the vanilla flavor. However, I will say that I recently got a trio of these cleaner syrups that came very highly recommended. I haven’t tried them yet, but will update once I do.

Hydro Silk Facial Razors:

Have I spoken about these on instagram? I cannot remember. Nonetheless. I love them for removing all of the peach fuzz on my face.  It’s like the at-home version of dermaplaning, but a lot more surface level. At this point, I feel like many of us are talking about face shaving, but if you’re like “you do what?!” It’s a lot less weird and intimidating than it seems. It’s a method of exfoliation and helps makeup go on so much smoother. For an insane bang for your buck, there’s also this 40-pack that I recently got. The quality on the Hydro Silk razors is a notch higher, but you really cannot go wrong for the price.

Hue Sock 6-pack:

These are my favorite socks for when I’m wearing sneakers. They’re the perfect length without being too short or too long.

Lyte-Show Electrolytes:

Admittedly, I first discovered these drops for when I was looking for something to help with a nasty hangover. From experience, I can say that they help a lot.  That aside, they’re great whenever your body needs an extra dose of electrolytes, whether from working out or from having one too many. They’re pricey, but there is no added sugar or additives like the LiquidIV brand.

Lumify Redness Relief Eye Drops:

For brightening and whitening alone, no other eye drops compare. They make the entire face come alive and look awake. Disclaimer: With any drops, I really try not to go overboard and just use them when needed.

Muslin Face Washing Cloths:

These are some of my favorite cloths to use for when I’m washing my face at night. My routine typically entails: a cleansing balm (Elemis at the moment) with a warm, wet wash cloth to wipe everything off.

3 Pack of Leggings:

If you’ve visited my blog before, chances are you’ve seen me mention these. I don’t want to be overly repetitive, but it wouldn’t be a Amazon favorites list without them. For sizing reference, I wear the small/medium.

Delsey Luggage:

I purchased this after a friend, who is a buyer in the luggage industry, raved about their brand and products. Intrigued, I hopped onto Amazon to find thousands of great reviews. After reading what felt like a hundred of them, I figured I had nothing to lose and bought three different sizes for myself and the family. Only one trip later, but I’m very happy with them.


I love the Hue socks for when I’m wearing sneakers, but for other types of footwear, I’ve been loving these. They’re nice and thin and come in a great range of colors.

Bioderma Oil:

I’ve repurchased this body oil several times and it’s become one of those products that neither Keith nor myself want to be without. I primarily use it for shaving (nothing else compares, IMO) and Keith uses it as a body wash to help with dry skin and occasional eczema flare ups. The best best!

AmLactin Foot Repair:

Another product that I’ve repurchased several times because it’s the best at keeping the feet from looking like they’re about to crack open. I tend to slather it on after a shower (or before bed) and  ideally, I’ll seal in the cream with a sock. As someone who walks a lot and on the concrete street of NYC, trust me on this.  One tip: the more you use it, the better the results. I wasn’t impressed at first, but after a couple of days, I was like “this stuff works!”  Thanks to Grace for putting me (and a lot of us), onto this.

You can also find some of my Amazon favorites for kids here.



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