March 14, 2023

The Jura Coffee Machine Review

Jura E6 Coffee MachineJura Coffee Machine | Franca Mug

In my favorites of 2022 post, I mentioned that the Jura coffee machine was one of my favorite buys. What I failed to mention is that if I had to pick a clear winner for my #1 purchase of 2022,  it would be the Jura.

There are not enough words to explain how much I (we) love it. Every single night, I go to bed knowing I’m waking up to one of the greatest joys in my life. Sure, the kids and my husband are on the list, but it’s all pretty neck and neck.

Obviously, I’m kidding (kind of), but just so I can fully get my love across. Let me start off by saying that I do consider myself a slight coffee snob. I’m not overly extreme, but I’d like to think I know a good cup of coffee. Coffee makes me very happy and it really is one of the greatest joys in my life.

Prior to the Jura, we used a combination of the Moccamaster (which was quite lovely) and a French press.

In our Lake House, we got a DeLonghi (also lovely). We also had a Nespresso and while we enjoyed it for cappuccinos, for straight up coffee, I found it a bit too weak for my liking.

All in all, we had great coffee equipment, but I knew there was room for improvement. Our coffee was good, but I wasn’t getting that top notch, fancy coffee shop cup that I was aiming for.

I started doing some research and simultaneously, I would see some people I follow, like Anna of See Anna Jane (whose opinion I trust) often post about the Jura.

Ultimately, that’s what led me to buy the E6 model.

Jura E6 Coffee Machine Review:

As far as the model, as I mentioned, I ended up getting the Jura E6. From everything that I read and watched (I also went down a YouTube review rabbit hole), I really don’t think there’s a Jura model one could go wrong with. They all seem to be great, but it all comes down to personal preferences and budget. We were mainly looking for a machine that made superb coffee and the option to have an espresso or cappuccino.

This delivers exactly that plus then some. There are several Jura machines that cost double the price of ours and while I’m not entirely sure what the features of those are, I’m sure they’re all fabulous. Personally, I knew I didn’t want to spend double the price of this one, so that’s kind of where I directed my energy towards researching. I’ve read enough reviews to know that that even the lowest priced machine is great.

What I love most about the Jura is that with the quick press of a button, the machine freshly grinds the beans for each individual cup in less than 30 seconds. The bad news is that once you have your coffee like that, it’s hard to drink it any other way. I probably sound like one of those annoying coffee snobs, but it’s a title I’m willing to have.

There are also options to control the heat and how many ounces come out for each cup. Occasionally, the machine gets a little bossy and demands you empty the coffee grounds,  change out the filter or deep clean the machine (they sell tablets for this), but that’s also what makes it so great.

It also self rinses whenever you turn it on, ensuring the machine always stays clean.

I’ve heard that their customer service is top notch. Thankfully, I haven’t had to utilize it yet, but of course,  love to hear.

Jura, Miele or Delonghi:

I’d bet that someone who is reading this post might wonder “why did she choose a Jura over a Miele or a DeLonghi?”

As mentioned, we do have a DeLonghi at our Lake House, although one of their lower end models, and while we really do enjoy it there, I knew I wanted something different for Brooklyn. Jura is manufactured in Switzerland, Miele in Germany and from what I read, DeLonghi in both China and Italy, depending on the machine.

I don’t know if one is necessarily superior, but I had my mind set on a Jura after hearing and reading so many great things. It’s really as simple as that.

Bottom Line:

It’s some of the greatest money I’ve ever spent. In the past, we would do a combination of making coffee at home with a mix of buying a cup from our neighborhood coffee shops. These days, unless we’re traveling or having breakfast somewhere, we have significantly reduced the amount of  cups that we drink outside of our home. When we do, unless it’s a top notch place, we tend to enjoy our at-home-cup  the most.

Where to Buy:

Quite a few places sell. I ordered our E6 Model from Crate & Barrel, but they sell a full range of Jura machcines. Additionally, Jura is also sold at  Williams Sonoma, Bloomingdales & Saks.



  • Elisha Janisch

    I bought the Jura Ena 8 in 2021 and can’t say enough good things about it. There’s really no going back. To note it’s just me that drinks coffee in my house my husband is not a coffee drinker which is why I opted for the smaller size Jura, but it really delivers in taste whether it’s three bigger e6 or the ena 8. so don’t think you need a big Jura like if it’s just for one person. They’re all fabulous honestly I’ve tried coffee from see real models I can’t tell a difference.

  • Docdivatraveller

    I too go to bed thinking of coffee but I am not a coffee snob 😃 Would love to buy a fancy coffee machine like Jura some day.

  • Charlotte Ana

    wow great article, I have learned a very new concept today on the jura ena 8. You guys are doing a great job providing such useful information. Thanks again.

    • Evan

      My sister first got the Jura Ena. The coffee was unbelievable so my father got one the coffee was unbelievable and so with all the pressure I had to get one the coffee is fantastic but I bought a refurbished one less than a year into owning it. It it stopped correctly. I sent it back to Gerry for repair. He came back repaired and two weeks later broke again and they would not repair it without $500. It was less than a year old, so I am not so fond of their Customerservice.

  • DC

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  • things to do

    I’m interested in buying my first coffee machine, thank you so much for the review!

    • Maria

      I loooove tha Jura machines. I was given the bigger one for Xmas and loved it so much that later on my family gave me the Ena 8 ( smaller ) for house in the beach. Best machines ever

    • Ed

      I am a long time Jura user of the S9 (discontinued recently). Lifespan for us seems to run about 10 years. That includes me working on the unit for various reasons including rebuilding the brew group which is a lengthy process . In 10 yrs it has produced about 16k draw offs as they say . Replaced the motor 6 months ago. $135 part and 1-2 hrs of labor. Now reading Error 5, thermo block. .$300 part and more hours to repair. Sending back to Jura for repair is now a blanket
      $ 5-600.00. in 10 years, maintenance costs have been $1500. Add the cost of the machine and maintenance costs over the 10 years and we have spent closer to $3k. I have read lifespan of machine was projected to be 10 years. Have we had 10 years of fabulous coffee? Yes we have. $3k actual cost over 10 years for consistently excellent coffee is 82 cents a day actual cost . You be the judge if it is worth it.

  • Robert L Style

    Bought a Jura E8 coffee machine 18 months ago. The first one stopped grinding after 6 months so they sent a new one. 1 yr. later the same thing happened. On my fourth try trying to reach someone in customer service which is the worst. Have spent almost a total of 2 hours on hold and no one picks up. Have left messages and still no return call. Would never buy this product again. Be aware when you spend this kind of money for a coffee machine.

  • Alan Jefferies

    I would NEVER buy another another Jura coffee machine as I don’t like to be forced to have it serviced by the agents who charge large amounts of money.This is because they wont sell parts to other service agents.

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