March 4, 2023

Weekend Notes: March 4th

woman in all white outfit for weekend notes March 4thFull outfit details can be found here.

It feels like spring is right around the corner and I’m finding myself slowly easing into all of the things I do when that happens: light spring cleaning, editing my closet and donating and selling anything I don’t wear.

Weekend Notes: March 4th

Last year (and many years prior to that), I also promised myself that I’d finally get laser hair removal before the warm weather arrived. I finally bit the bullet and I don’t know why I’ve resisted the urge for so long. I think it was a combo of fear of the pain and thinking it would be a much bigger ordeal than it actually was. After crowd sourcing on instagram, I went to SEV laser. I only had one appointment so far and I am kind of blown away by the results already. There was barely any pain because of the ‘cool blast’ technology they use. I also went right after my period, so the extra sensitivity one might have if going before, was not there. Overall, great experience and I’m looking forward to reducing how often I shave.

Some links & things that caught my eye from the week:

This past week, I attended a fun event for the launch of Haus Labs by Lada Gaga blushes. The colors are beautiful in person and have such a nice texture. I’m already a fan. For my complexion I loved Pomelo Peach and Dragon Fruit Daze.

Chanel increases their prices, yet again. I posted this on instagram and the comment section is a good one.

Speaking of bags, there’s now an even greater demand for beautiful lesser-known bags, that are well made and wont cost an arm and a leg. I first learned about Dragon Diffusion from Alicia and now I’m really lusting after one. I’m debating between this one or this one (in cream) as we head into warmer months.

Alicia also put together a great post on 8 chic non-logo bags.

Where has this stitching gun been all of my life? In the past, if I needed a little stitch added, I’d end up bringing my item to the dry cleaners. With this, not anymore!

Grace put together a wonderful post on the sites (blogs) she reads every week. Honored to have made the list!

I ordered this mens cashmere sweater in birch (I went with a small).  I’ve definitely been gravitating towards a slightly oversized fit in sweaters, so it felt like a great addition.

The Unsung Joy of Falling in Big, Deep Platonic Love.

The four stages of hair growth.

Selena Gomez became the most followed woman on instagram…..again. Did you guys watch her documentary on AppleTV? She was so vulnerable and it made me look at her in a completely different light. I really enjoyed it.

I love this oversized shearling jacket and it’s on major sale.

A few new pairs of sneakers that I got for Nate & Sasha.

I preordered the new book by Emily Henry who has quickly become one of my favorite authors.

Is it rude to ask what your dinner companion is tipping?

Trader Joe’s new products of 2023 tested and ranked.

Read my Weekend Notes from last week.

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