September 12, 2023

The beauty products (and tools) I cannot live without.


When it comes to most beauty, I find most things interchangeable. Sure, there might be a blush or gloss that I love, but would I panic if I could no longer use it? Nah, probably not.

But then there are those things-and not too many- that I love so much. To the point that if someone were to remove the following items from my stash, not to be all dramatic, but I’d be quite devastated.

You also may have seen me mention most, if not all, of these on instagram over and over again, but it just proves how much loyalty and love I have for these items.

The beauty products (and tools) I cannot live without.

Without further adieu:

Yves Durif Brush

The last time I posted this brush on instagram, I got a snarky DM with a message along the lines of “$95 FOR A BRUSH?!!” I’m at the point (most days) where at almost 42, I’m done with justifying my purchases. I’ve gone to enough therapy and listened to enough Mel Robbins podcasts to realize, if someone is offended, that’s a them problem, not a me problem, right?

With that said, I purchased this brush before the $20 price increase. Nonetheless, I’d pay $95 for it in a heartbeat because I really love it that much. I find it to be the GOAT (greatest of all time) at detangling my wet hair without any snags. I went on a trip recently and forgot it at home and was quite devastated every single time I reached for it, to be reminded, it wasn’t there. It’s moments like that, that make me realize how much I rely on it.

Apparently, there’s a dupe sold on Amazon that I ordered to test out, but now that I’m thinking about it, I never actually received. If you’ve tried it or anything similar, please report back!

I recently also purchased the petite version to carry in my handbags.

Mason Pearson Brush

On the topic of brushes, I feel equally the same about the Mason Pearson brush. I have several, but prefer the mixed bristle as it feels more stimulating on the scalp. I own the junior size and the pocket version to keep in my bag. I use it on dry hair, whether I’m wearing it down or smoothing into a sleek bun and I use the Yves Durif on wet or occasionally, when I’m blow drying.

The Light Salon LED Mask

Like the Yves Durif, I’m often mentioning the Light Salon LED Mask over on my stories. Simply put: It does more for my complexion than most beauty things. It’s almost hard to explain, but I find that it makes my skin have more clarity, evenness and appear thicker, if that makes any sense. Now, don’t mistake clarity for getting rid of my melasma and hyperpigmentation, because it does not. It does however, help with the overall integrity of my complexion so much. If I were to break it or lose it, I’d repurchase it in a heartbeat, steep price tag and all. *FYI: My code BROOKLYNBLONDE25 gets you 25% off.

Biologique Recherché P50 & Masque Vivant

I’ve been talking about P50 for so long that if I made even a few cents of affiliate commission from Biologique Recherché, I’d have a hefty little sum right now. Unfortunately for me, Biologique offers none of that, but that’s okay because the products more than make up for it.

While I do love quite a few of their masks and oils, it’s P50 and Masque Vivant the are my top two holy grails from the brand. P50 (I alternate between the regular and the 1970 version) balances out my skin and sort of brings it back to life. I’ve come to a place where I don’t use it daily, but more like 3x a week, typically in the AM.

Masque Vivant keeps my skin clear and my pores tight. When I combine P50, Masque Vivant and the Light Salon Mask, my skin is like “thank you!!”

Erborian CC Cream

I want to preface this by saying that this one is probably not on the same level of “I never want to be without it” like the above things I’ve mentioned, but I do really, really love it and I’d be pretty bummed if I no longer could use it (hypothetically speaking).

I’ve tried my fair share of tinted SPFs, BB creams, CC creams, etc…. and while I really am a fan of quite a few, the Erborian is (currently) my #1. On most regular days, I don’t want a lot of coverage, but I still want something to even out my complexion, eliminate redness, offer sun protection and be quick and painless to use. This checks every single one of those boxes. The formula is just so good, particularly if your skin is normal to oily. If your skin is very dry, it might be a bit too drying for you, but I think if you hydrate properly before, it’s still a winner. For reference, I wear the lightest color.

U Beauty Super Hydrator

Ever since hyaluronic acids came into the beauty picture, I’ve been a huge fan. Again, groundbreaking and something I cannot be without? No, but my skin likes the extra dose of hydration.

Enter The Super Hydrator from U Beauty

 A formula unlike most others that I’ve tried and placebo or not, I notice that my skin looks (and feels) instantly more hydrated and plumped up. I tend to use it before moisturizer or in the case above, before my CC cream on warmer, oilier days. It’s really one of my all-time favorite beauty products and I’d be pretty sad if I no longer had it in my routine. I also really love their eye cream and it’s one of the best I’ve tried in a long time when it comes to hydration.

(PS: If you’re a first time customer, the code HELENA gets you 20% off anything from U Beauty).

However, I’ll fill you guys in on a little secret. While The Super Hydrator is my #1 and my preferred choice if cost were no object, I know it doesn’t come cheap. In second place and for a fraction of the price, I love MAKE Hydrascape. Not quite as good as the U Beauty, but it’s definitely my runner-up. Please let me know if you try it.

If any of you feel the same way about any of the above, or on the contrary, think they’re overhyped, I’d love to hear, good or bad. I’ve realized that Masque Vivant is quite polarizing after a recent conversation on my stories. Many feel as passionately about it as I do, but on the flip side, a few of you didn’t find it to do much.

These things are never one-size-fits-all, which is perfectly okay.


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  • Paige

    Thank you! I did purchase The Light Salon LED mask per your recommendation and I haven’t been using it very much because it never feels clean enough to my liking… do you use from The Light Salon or something else? I didn’t buy the cleaner and am wondering if I have any options. I live out of the country so I’ll have to pay some hefty taxes to have it shipped. I’m regretting not buying it initially!

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