September 13, 2023

Fall Musings

We’re a little over a week away from official fall and despite the hot and muggy weather, mentally, I’m already there.

Over the last month, I’ve been keeping my eye on some fall goodness, some of which I’ve already gotten (and worn) like the Marc Fisher loafers and these Favorite Daughter pants (both of which run TTS).

As far as handbags, over on my substack, I shared a post about handbags and the four that I’ve been debating between. I ended up getting one of those four and It’s currently on its way to me and supposed to arrive today! Once it’s here, of course I’ll share which I ended up with. Maybe I’ll also sell a few I no longer wear to put towards another, but again, TBD on that. One thing at a time.

In the meantime, here are some things that I’m drooling over. All items above are clickable.

Totême Wool Coat (more sizes available here): I’ve been really wanting to add a beautiful, well-made black coat into my wardrobe and this coat has been one of my top contenders. I actually ordered it, but it’s still sitting in the box as I decide whether it’s the one I’m going to keep or if I’m going to keep hunting.

The Row Taupe Leather Tote: I talked a lot about handbags in the post I linked above, but I’ve been admiring The Row leather totes for some time now. Everyone who has one seems to love how well it’s made, the slouch of it and the buttery soft leather.

Favorite Daughter The Favorite Pants: I’m a huge fan of Favorite Daughter, especially their trouser pants. This is my third pair of pants from them as I also got these with the matching trench.

Marc Fisher Leather Penny Loafers: After being on a loafer hunt for awhile, but not wanting to spend designer shoe money on a style I wasn’t sure how much I’d wear, I ended up with these in black. I can confirm that I love them and they’re so buttery that I’m also thinking of getting the brown. Highly recommend! They run TTS.

Heaven Mayhem Plate Earrings: 90’s inspired earrings are everywhere and I’m very into the trend. Heaven Mayhem makes such great earrings and have a bunch of beautiful styles on their site. 

Bottega Veneta Small Wallace Bag: One of my top new handbag contenders, especially after seeing how much I love and wear my small Bottega Jodie.

Everlane Cotton Crew Navy Sweater: I love Everlane sweaters and recently added this one in navy (in a size M) to my wardrobe to wear with everything, including the navy pinstripe Favorite Daughter pants.

Everlane Cotton Crew Organic Sweater: Another beautiful color that I know is going to get a lot of play in my wardrobe.

Khaite Leather Belt:  I’m a huge belt person and my Khaite Bambi belt is probably the one I reach for the most. While I have several that are black and gold, I’ve been thinking about adding a black/silver one into the rotation.

Demellier Large Suede Tote: I don’t own any Demellier bags, but man, I’ve been admiring them for awhile. So many gorgeous bags and priced very reasonably considering how luxe they look.

LouLou Studio Cashmere-Blend Coat: Are you guys familiar with LouLou Studio? Everything is quite beautiful, especially their latest fall collection.




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  • Rachel

    Urgh is there anything better than dressing for fall. I love it. I need a good wool coat this season, haven’t found one I absolutely love yet. These are some good picks!

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  • ErikBaker

    Over on my substack, I shared my handbag dilemma and recently received one of the debated options—I’ll reveal which one soon. Like deciding on the perfect Mini Goldendoodle, choosing the right accessories requires consideration and patience. For instance, I’m still pondering whether to keep the Totême wool coat I ordered, similar to ensuring a Mini Goldendoodle fits seamlessly into your lifestyle before making a final commitment.

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