Take Two

October 25, 2016

"When I like something, I tend to overwear it…" I'm quoting myself from instagram, but it's true. Case in point, this ruffled sleeve sweater. Not only that, but when I really love a new piece of clothing or accessory, I'll feel the need to wear that piece immediately.


Fall Textures & Layers

October 21, 2016

Happy Friday! A few things I'm excited to tell you all about:

1) As some of you might know, I'm a big fan of the Manolo Blahnik BB pump. I love that they're a timeless classic and as far as a heel is concerned, very comfortable. BUT, last year, my best friend told me about these and they're the perfect replica on all accounts. I highly recommend!


Sleek Low Bun Hair Tutorial

October 19, 2016

At last, I'm finally sharing this highly requested sleek low bun hair tutorial with Nexxus New York Salon Care. This is my go-to look when I want something sleek, but super easy. I also love this style for a night out, paired with a red lip and and I'm good to go. Lets jump right into it!



October 18, 2016

This skirt! Quite possibly the most beautiful, meticulously detailed piece of clothing that I've ever owned. For dramatic effect, I paired it with this ruffle sleeve sweater that I've already worn several times in a matter of a week. Once with jeans (photographed that, so coming soon) and once with leather pants and sneakers (!!) When I really like something, I tend to overdo it.


Happy Friday!

October 14, 2016

I know several blogs feature a weekly round up and while I've never really done one before, on many occasions, I think to myself "ooh! I really want to share this with my readers.." So here it goes.

I've shared Keiko's Halloween costumes before and this year, she has several great ones up her sleeve. One of my favorites, Eleven from Stranger Things! Are any of you into dressing up? If so, what are you going as?

After being sold out for months, my favorite pair of Levi's are finally back in stock! And for the rest of the day, Shopbop is having a major sale. I previously got this sweater in grey and I loved it so much that I just ordered black.

Advice for a New Mother

Nine Things I’d Tell a New Mom

October 12, 2016

I can't believe that in two weeks, Nate will be 6 months old. What the hell?! I'm finding my own groove and am at place (most of the time) where I feel confident in what I'm doing. As we approach half a year of new motherhood, I wanted to share a few things I've learned along the way.