Who are your Style Icons? Plus My Friday Favorites:

March 15, 2019

Yesterday on Instagram, I posted the above photo with the caption "channeling my inner Victoria Beckham." She is undeniably one of my favorites. I love how she always balances masculine with feminine, one of my favorite combinations on a woman.

Other than her, I love

beauty products

Beauty: Three Products I am Loving

March 13, 2019

Three beauty products/ranges that I've been absolutely loving! A newish range of body products, the foundation that I'm about a decade late on and a less than $10 illinunizer that is a dream.

Styling Sneakers

Styling Sneakers: Three Easy (Mom) Outfits

March 11, 2019

It took me a little bit to come to terms that sneakers can easily equal a stylish outfit. I've always been such a heels girl, but the reality is, that's not as realistic with a small child or children. Sure, there are exceptions, but in most cases, sneakers or flats win. Admittedly, as I've mentioned in the past, I've been having a lot of fun challenging myself by putting these types of looks together. Styling an outfit around a pair of pumps comes very naturally to me, but a sneakers outfit is a wee bit out of my comfort zone. I've learned, just with any styling, that proportions are key. If weather allows, I prefer to have a little bit of ankle showing. Overall, I think it's just a flattering look and helps to balance everything out

new favorite fragrance

Happy International Women’s Day, My New Favorite Fragrance & A Shoe Sale!

March 8, 2019

Happy International Women's Day to all of the incredible women out here. Behind every woman, there's a tribe of other women. I could not live without my women. My family, my best friends, my strong girl bosses - they are my support, my inspiration, my laughter, my shoulder to cry on and there, through the good and the bad. I often think, but probably don't say enough, how much these women mean to me. Here's my reminder to say it more! 

classic coat

Classic Coat Worn with Two Belt Options: Which Do You Prefer?

March 7, 2019

Keith and I took these photos on our way to dinner at one of our favorites, L'Artusi. I had snow boots on in the car, but quickly swapped into my boots before we went into the restaurant.

On a completely different note, I am sharing this outfit with two different belts: the Gucci, worn over my coat and my latest piece, a Saint Laurent belt. I didn't actually wear it with both belts in real life, but it's been fun playing around with one outfit, worn in a slightly different way and sharing the options. 

The Whitstable Trench Coat

The Whitstable Trench Coat

March 5, 2019

I wore this outfit while we were in LA and it felt so good to be able to wear a trench coat rather than a puffer. This one is from one of my favorite British Brands, Boden Clothing, and the inside lining is what really did it for me. It's classic, in the most British way, but the flag lining gives it the most fun, whimsical touch. 


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