Eight Pairs of Shoes For Spring

March 24, 2017

This season, I'm really loving the wide assortment of shoes that are everywhere for spring and summer. From pointy toe and studded to mules and sneakers, there really is something for everyone. Quite honestly, I love every pair on this list and admittedly, I already bought two of the pairs that you'll be seeing in the upcoming weeks.


Packing Woes

March 22, 2017

I'm a notorious over packer and I envy any person that's able to fit all of their stuff, including beauty products and hair tools, into a carry-on. If you're one of those people, seriously, how do you do it?! Not only that, but I'm a fairly messy packer. I have some friends that are able to make their suit-case look meticulously organized. Meanwhile, I just toss random things in my bag and think "I'd rather have options.."


My Guilty Pleasures

March 17, 2017

The other day, I was chatting with a friend about a cleanse that she was doing. A cleanse is always something I've wanted to do, but for whatever reason, the thought always gave me anxiety. If I have no real plans (aka = not going out to a restaurant), I have no problem eating veggies & fish, eliminating gluten and dairy, even giving up wine for a bit. Generally speaking, I eat fairly well, but as anyone does, I have my weaknesses.


From Cab to Curb

March 13, 2017

I often get asked the question "how the hell do you walk in those shoes?" There are some heels that I can actually walk/commute/"mom around" in (like these), but then there are strictly "cab to curb" shoes. Meaning, I can still hang in them (even dance in some), but I'm not stomping the streets of New York City with. And of course, you'll usually find flats in my bag.


Happy Friday & New Gucci Mules

March 10, 2017

When these mules came out, first in the loafer version, it was love at first site. I ended up ordering them, but after trying on with several outfits, I knew they weren't for me. For the price that they were, I knew my cost-per-wear wouldn't justify the purchase. BUT THEN…. the mules came out


Treat Yourself: The Best Luxury Facials in New York City

March 8, 2017

Much like finding a great colorist or stylist, finding a great facialist is an intimidating task. After all, it is our face that we're talking about and after experiencing some traumatizing facials in my day, I don't trust my face to just anyone. For me, a facial is less about the relaxation process (although it usually is!) and more about the skin maintenance process. I want the facialist to do what I can't do at home-extractions, micro, and all the bells and whistles. Give me all of it! Whenever I'm lucky enough to get one, my skin literally glows for weeks. I need less makeup (if any at all), fewer skincare products and I just look so much better.