Downtown LA

February 27, 2017

Whenever I go to LA, I like to make it a point to stay in two different locations. This time around, we stayed downtown for the first two nights and then made the change to West Hollywood. That probably seems annoying for some, but in cities where there's a lot going on, it almost feels like two mini trips in one. Come to think of it, if I didn't live in NYC and was planning a visit, I'd do the same.

On a completely different note, OJ: Made in America, the movie Keith worked on, won the Oscar last night!!! The biggest congrats to the entire team!


What Are Your Favorite Movies?

February 24, 2017

The Oscars are this Sunday and for anybody that knows me, knows that I celebrate the day like a national holiday. In the past, I'd prepare by watching as many nominated movies as possible, but this year I barely got around to watching more than a handful. Regardless, I love everything about the day - red carpet coverage, the acceptance speeches and all the excitement leading up to the event. This year, the awards are even more special because OJ: Made in America, the documentary Keith did the sound for, is nominated! Pretty exciting stuff!


Winter Style: The Most Comfortable Boots I Own

February 22, 2017

I wanted to take a quick moment and talk about these boots. I found out about these when I met Lisa, who has incredible style, for lunch. She had them on was raving about how incredibly comfortable they were, considering the heel height. Well, that's all I needed to hear. Boots that give height, but are also comfortable? Sign me up! Two days later, they came in the mail and she certainly was not lying. They're not cheap, but I promise you, they're SO comfortable. Comfortable enough for me to mom around in, to push the stroller in and to actually commute in. Also, how cool is this embroidered version?


Travel Style: JFK –> LAX

February 20, 2017

Today we're heading back to NYC after spending a great weekend in LA. It was our first time leaving Nate for more than one night and while we missed him like crazy, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't nice to reset and reconnect.


Apple Crisp Smoothie

February 17, 2017

When I was pregnant, I became mildly obsessed with Liquiteria's Apple Crisp Smoothie. If you're not familiar with Liquiteria, it's a fresh juice and smoothie place throughout NYC. I would end up getting this smoothie several times a week and it's still my favorite from the dozen of places in the city.  I've made it my mission to try to recreate it. While it's not 100%, it's pretty close!


Winter Style: All Legs and Gucci Belt

February 15, 2017

I invested in these boots two years ago and they were one of the best purchases I've made. Aside from being incredibly comfortable (as far as a heel is concerned), they've basically saved me in the winter (and in the fall and spring) when I need to be warm, yet put together.