Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Island Blues

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Romper: Style Stalker | Sandals: Schutz (similar here and here | part of the Shopbop sale) | Clutch: BHLDN | Earrings: BHLDN

Take me back to Mexico! Especially with this relentless winter that we've been having. But I promised not to complain about it anymore, so I'll leave it at that.

PS: Shopbop is having one of their major yearly sales (up to 25% off your order with the code BIGEVENT15). Perfect time to get the leopard Clare V. Foldover clutch, the perfect white shirt, or like me, my favorite jeans, in another wash.

Photos by Keith Hodne

Monday, March 2, 2015


Blazer: Nordstrom Signature and Caroline Issa | Denim: 7FAM | Shoes: Jimmy Choo 'Anouk' (patent option with a lower heel) | Bag: Vintage Gucci | Sunglasses: Krewe Du Optic 'Julia' | Scarf: 424 Fifth

When I heard that one of my street style favorites, Caroline Issa, was collaborating on a line with Nordstrom, I could not wait to see the collection! The line launched on February 9th and features pieces that resemble Caroline's style: classic and chic without trying too hard. Yes, please! 

You can see the full collection here.

Photos by Keith Hodne

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Striped Pant

Columnist Pants: Express c/o  | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Bag: Celine | Sunglasses: Celine | Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

Last weekend, I wore this outfit to see the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, for a much needed night of culture and music. I've always had a thing for jazz music music, especially growing up with a father who constantly had his records playing, but it wasn't until I visited Nola, a few years back, where my love for jazz really grew.

For my outfit that night, I opted for columnist pants, which I love. Initially when I got them I thought "oh, these are going to be perfect for the spring," but adding a simple black turtleneck and pumps made them perfectly appropriate for winter and let the pattern stand on its own.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

That 70's Show

Jacket: Rachel Zoe | Flares: Goldsign | Hat: Preston & Olivia | Bag: Celine | Gloves: Intermix (sold out, but these are similar)

If you could transport yourself to any era, from a style perspective, which one would it be? For me, it's always been the 70's.

I once read an article that for those women who need a little extra help in determining what their style really is, identifying with a certain era can be really helpful. When I asked my good friend "what her style era was?" her quick response was "the ladylike 50's!"  I never really thought about it that way, but it makes complete sense and subconsciously I've been identifying with the 70's all along. Maybe not in an extreme way, but subtly, it's sprinkled into my overall style.

I've always been fascinated by the 70's and my wardrobe has lots of pieces that reflect that. A couple of pairs of flares, faux furs, floppy hats, pant suits, large sunglasses and the list goes on. It's the one decade that I love to get inspiration from. It makes sense that some of my style icons include Rachel Zoe, Kate Moss and Michelle Pfeiffer's Scarface character.

How about you guys? From a style perspective, what's the era you identify the most with?

Photos by Keith Hodne

Monday, February 23, 2015

Do you Dry Brush? {You Should Be!}

I'm the first person to spend x amount of dollars on luxurious creams, lotions and oils, but there's nothing that beats dry brushing your skin. I've been a serious advocate for dry brushing for years, that I'm honestly embarrassed at how long it's taken me to talk about it on here. To the point where I'll passionately discuss beauty routines and techniques and my friends will ask "why the hell haven't you blogged about that..?" To which I have no good response. So, here we go:

I'm assuming that most of you fall into two categories: 1) you have no clue what dry brushing is or 2) you've heard about it, read about it, been seeing more and more information pop up about it, but you have yet to incorporate this into your routine. If you fall into neither of those categories and it's something you've already been doing, kudos to you! It's all sorts of amazing, right?

What is dry brushing?
The name says it all. It's brushing your (dry) body with a an all natural bristle brush, in order to get dead cells off. My favorite time to do this is in the morning, right before I hop into the shower. This wakes my body right up, gets my blood flowing and makes me feel instantly invigorated. If doing this on a daily basis is too much for you, a couple of times a week is better than none.

What are the benefits of dry brushing? 
Our skin is the largest organ and so many of us are obsessed with taking care of our face, but what about the rest of our body? Did you know that the skin plays a vital role in ridding the body of toxins and impurities? Dry brushing is one of the best techniques to open up the pores of the skin and to stimulate and detoxify the lymphatic system. Dry brushing also helps aid in digestion, it stimulates circulation and it strengthens the immune system.

Dry skin brushing will not only help increase circulation and the elimination of toxins, but it will be a a HUGE difference in the quality of your skin. I initially started dry brushing after researching techniques on how to get rid of little bumps on my upper arms. After a few weeks, not only did the bumps go away, but the last time my skin felt that smooth was probably when I was born. On top of that, after dry brushing you will get a MUCH closer shave and any lotions, creams or oils that you apply after your shower, will melt into your skin like never before.

How to dry brush:
 Right before you shower (so you can wash off all of your exfoliated, dead skin cells), get naked and begin brushing by starting at the tops of your feet and moving upward in circular motions towards your heart. Thats one thing to remember, always brush towards your heart. Use long gentle, but firm, strokes. Then just follow your body and move to the legs, thighs and booty. Some people claim that dry brushing even reduces cellulite, so don't forget the back and sides of your thighs where cellulite tends to be prevalent. Move up to your abs, arms and back, always brushing in the direction of your heart. I always like to give a little extra attention to the backs of my arms and my thigh area.

If you are a female, avoid brushing your breasts and for anyone, never brush your face.

If you're looking for a brush: I recommend this one or this one.

So there you have it! Dry brushing 101. If you're still a bit confused, you can watch this helpful video here.

 Let me know if all is clear and if you guys have any questions. I'd be happy to answer in the comment section below.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Earth Tones

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Coat: Theory (on sale) and love this plaid version | Turtleneck: J Crew (on sale) | Leather Skirt: Zara (similar here) | Scarf: H&M (similar here) | Boots: Balenciaga (few seasons old) | Tights: Express  | Clutch: Celine | Sunglasses: Celine | Lipstick: Stila Olivia

Happy Friday!
While I still have some photos left to share from Mexico, I wanted to break up the vacation outfits with a little NYC winter!

I wore this outfit to the Ralph Lauren show yesterday that I quickly pulled together in the morning. Normally, I'll roll around in bed for the first 10 minutes, lazily take my time in getting up, and I'll think about what I want to wear that day. With the weather being so cold, I knew I wanted to base my outfit around these warm, OTK boots. So I piled together some rich, earthy layers and went with that.

I also wanted to share one of my favorite lipstick colors. For the longest time, I couldn't find a lipstick in neutral/pinky color that looked good on me. They were either too beige, too brown or too pink. But then I found Olivia. She's the perfect combination of neutral and pink and my favorite color to wear when I'm going with a bit of a darker eye.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Photos by Keith Hodne

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Night Out in Mexico

Location: Excellence Resort, Playa Mujeres | Photos by Keith Hodne
Jumpsuit: Antik Batik ℅ | Sandals: Schutz (similar here and here) | Clutch: Vintage Gucci (the satchel version) | Cuff: YSL |  Sunglasses: Chloe 'Nerine'

Whenever I go away on any sort of trip or vacation, you will always find a jumpsuit (or several) in my suitcase. They're easy to pack and an easy way to create a chic, yet fuss free, outfit for day or night. I have several in both black and white because they act as the perfect blank canvas for some statement accessories. Unfortunately, I can't find this one online, but here's a similar short sleeved version and also including some of my other favorites below.