April 20, 2024

Weekend Notes: April 20th.

Basket Bag

NYC schools are officially on spring break, so my kids are out of school for twelve days.

We don’t have any significant spring break plans except heading up to our Pennsylvania lake house for a couple of days with a few of our friends. Instead (and I know I’ve mentioned this before), we’re pulling them out of school in May and taking them to Disney and Universal for the week. They have no idea, and I know they’re going to lose their sh*t! Especially Nate, who is now completely engulfed in the world of Harry Potter and keeps asking to go. It’s supposed to be an off-week, so hopefully, we avoid the typical crazy crowds. 

Kids trip aside, a couple of my girlfriends and I are trying to make a Euro trip happen in June. It’s last minute, so who knows how it will all play out. The original plan was to do a girls’ trip to Paris, but with the Olympics happening, we decided to scratch that plan and change directions. Right now, it’s a toss-up between Spain and Portugal. I’ve only been to Barcelona, and the other ladies haven’t been to either. 

Is the Balenciaga City bag back? For me, the bag has always been more than just a handbag, and I shared a more personal post on my substack that goes deep down memory lane. 

In general, I’ve been sharing a lot more personal posts on my substack. This one talks about the shifts in the industry and aging through it all. 

Weekend Notes April 20th

When it comes to reading, I admittedly like my share of smut. I’m not proud of it, but I like what I like. Years ago, when I read ‘The Idea of You’ (one of my all-time favorites), I joined the book Facebook group. To this day, I’m still part of the group for the book recommendations that I get. Someone recommended ‘Older,’ and it’s not a book for everyone, but I cannot put it down. 

A New Yorker’s Guide to People Watching. I concur with the article that it’s my all-time favorite hobby. 

Spring decor ideas to brighten your home.

The 100 Best Hotels of the New Year.

I ordered these denim shorts in white after getting (and loving) the blue. I took my usual size, but I’d size up for a slightly looser fit.

The shows & movies to watch this April.

These SŌM Microneedle eye patches are pricey, but so good. My code Helena20 gets you 20% off.

‘Why I’m going on a silent retreat after realizing how much I talked at the hang last night.” Goodness, I know I’ve been there. Waking up after a night out with friends, especially newer friends I’m a tad less comfortable with, and thinking to myself: “Holy shit! Did I say too much? Dominate the conversation too much?” 

Lessons from a 70-year-old former NYC Influencer.

Not your typical Brooklyn townhouse

I’m planning to make this Thai Chicken & Pineapple Stir fry from Skinny Taste this week. 

A handbag is essential to ensure I always have fresh breath, even on the go.

Sunday (4/21) is the last day for the Early Bird sale. Use code HELENA20 for 20% off. They’re an adult household favorite of ours. They’re a mix of CBD and very low THC; Half takes the edge off, but a full one gives you a nice buzzy feeling without any hangover or heavy feeling the next day. 

I just got this basket bag. It’s even more gorgeous and well-made in person. 

Another spring/summer purchase was these sandals from AEYDE, one of my favorite shoe brands. I’ll keep you guys posted! 

The 8 best green teas to buy & try.

Have the best week!




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  • kh

    I love your weekend reads, Helena. Please keep doing them! I sit w/ my coffee and take my time reading through all of them. Makes for a perfect weekend day!

  • Diana

    You’re going to have an amazing time at Disney! My husband and I went with low expectations and had a blast last year
    From our experience…
    – Genie plus is 100% worth it.
    – Get cute t shirts (almost everyone is in matching shirts, you will not be out of place) / mouse ears ahead of time on Etsy,
    – I’m a picture person and we were with a large group but the photo pass was definitely worth it (it’s a tiny bit cheaper if you buy before your trip) the photos are so nice!
    – Def take a break during the day, go to the boardwalk if you’re at Epcot, (there’s not a lot of shade / places to sit, we all took a nap in an airconditioned movie in the USA section) if you’re at Magic Kingdom you can take the monorail to a different hotel (the Polynesian is fun for kids) and get a snack, get an iced coffee, sit in the lobby (the Grand Floridian has Cinderella’s glass slipper), but spend some time away from the parks because the parks at night are so fun! We met Mickey at 8pm and were able to ride a bunch of coasters with minimal waits.
    – we weren’t sure if we were going to do Animal Kingdom, but we did at the last minute and I’m so glad we did. I liked MK and Animal Kingdom over Epcot if you have to choose. Didn’t do HS.
    – There’s a huge lego store in Disney Springs if your kids are fans
    – We uber’d within the parks instead of waiting for buses
    – I bought a matte and brought sharpies for the characters to sign and you can put a photo from the trip inside instead of the autograph books
    – always bring a change of clothes for the kids in case they get wet on rides
    – the app is incredible, it takes a minute to get used to but after that, it’s smooth sailing, you’re going to have a great time!

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