June 18, 2024

My Recent Amazon Favorites

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It’s been too long since I’ve shared my Amazon finds, both new and MVP favorites. Let’s jump into it:

Slim Silicone Phone Case: This is my latest phone case, and it provides the perfect amount of fun color pop. It comes in a lot of colors if red isn’t your flavor.

2-Piece Shirt & Shorts SetOne of my favorite fashion Amazon finds, maybe ever? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reached for it. It’s so comfortable, so easy, and looks a lot nicer than some other Amazon sets I’ve dabbled with. 

Non-Slip Cloth Hair Bands (16-Pack): I saw Erin and Sarah Foster wear one of these headbands on their Instagram stories, and I loved how it looked. They’re also great for keeping in the bathroom for easy face washing. 

Bioderma Cleansing Oil:I realize I’m quite repetitive when it comes to this cleansing oil, but it’s truly one of my favorite body products. I mainly use for shaving, but I have friends who keep in the shower to remove makeup or to simply slather on their dry skin. 

LMNT Zero-Sugar Electrolytes: Keith and I are massive fans of these electrolytes. I wish they weren’t so pricey, but that has yet to stop me from repurchasing them repeatedly. They’ve eliminated all headaches and make me feel better than when I drink water alone. 

17″ Modern Distressed Polyresin Vase:  A random find, but how gorgeous is it? It could pass for an Amber Interiors vase, IMO.

HUE Mini Crew Socks (6-Pack): The best socks to wear with sneakers.

Colgate Wisp Disposable Toothbrush (24 Count): I love keeping these in my bag for emergencies when fresh breath and clean teeth are a priority.

High-Waisted Running Shorts:  These were my MVP Amazon purchase of 2024 (so far). I now own multiple colors and reach for them constantly. I wore them for over 10 hours daily in the Disney heat and in Portugal for a day of sightseeing. 10/10. I size up to a large for a slightly looser fit.

That’s the list for this round! Also, if you’re not subscribed to my Substack, I share a lot more on there and it’s free. Subscribe here! 



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    Great picks! I love the versatility of the 2-piece shirt and shorts set—perfect blend of comfort and style.

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    Thank you for sharing your recent Amazon favorites! Your selection of practical and stylish items, from the versatile 2-piece shirt and shorts set to the highly recommended Bioderma Cleansing Oil, offers great insights into useful products. The high-waisted running shorts and slim silicone phone case are particularly appealing for their functionality and style. Your detailed reviews and personal experiences make it easy to see why these products are must-haves. Looking forward to trying some of these recommendations!

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    from the perfect slim silicone phone case to my MVP high-waisted running shorts that survived Disney heat! Plus, discover the new Starbucks cake pop flavors!

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