Levis 501 Skinny Jeans classics

501 Classics

October 14, 2020

If I had to pick three of my top denim brands, Levi's would easily be on the list. They make some of my favorite denim and over the years, they're one of the few brands that never fail to keep me happy in the denim department.


Weekend Notes | October 9th 2020

October 9, 2020

What a week! With so much going on in the world, I've been craving shows that make me feel good, recipes that are comforting and books that are mindless and fluffy.

Five Comfy & Chic Mom Outfits

Five Comfy & Chic Mom Outfits Part II

October 5, 2020

I did a similar post like this last year and it was time to bring back round II. Of course, these aren't just mom outfits and while it may seem silly to specify them as such, these are the type of outfits I gravitate towards when I'm on mom duty. Comfortable footwear is always key and then I tend to build my outfit around that. 

And while many of us are traveling less, if at all, these would also work well for travel outfits, in my opinion.


Weekend Notes | October 3rd.

October 3, 2020

Hope your weekend is off to a good start! Last night, I started watching the new Darren Star show 'Emily in Paris.'  I'm only a few episodes in, but it looks like it will be a fun show to watch and I typically love everything Darren Star (Sex and the City & Younger). It's light enough with fun fashion, which is just what I, and the rest of the world, needs right now.

Tonight, I'm heading to an outdoor comedy club with a few girlfriends. Not sure what that's going to be like, but I'm pretty excited! 

Below are a few things that I'm clicking on:

Life Lately | September 2020

Life Lately | September 2020

September 30, 2020

The other day (September 28th), I celebrated my birthday and it was undeniably a bittersweet celebration.

Your Wine Questions Answered By An Expert

Your Wine Questions Answered By An Expert

September 23, 2020

Today is a post on one of my favorite topics....wine! As much as I love wine and try to educate myself on the topic, it's one I still find pretty intimidating. Keith and I have been to Napa, Sonoma, vineyards in Tuscany (although, in my defense, I was pregnant) and we've taken numerous "classes" and tours, but even still, I only know the basics. This is the main reason that I'm honored to have Becca and her wealth of information for todays post.

She breaks so many of your question down in such an easy, digestible way, I am certain you'll walk away learning something new. Without further adieu, here's the lovely Becca Powelson:


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