Sephora VIB Sale Details

Sephora VIB Sale Details & Favorites

August 26, 2019

Tomorrow is the last day of the Sephora VIB sale and as promised, I'm sharing some of my holy grail products that I cannot recommend enough.

a cafe in chicago

Hello from Chicago! Weekend Links:

August 23, 2019

Hi everyone! Currently posting from beautiful Chicago. I'm here with three of my closest girlfriends and it feels so good! It's been so long since we've all gone away for a trip thats main focus is to catch up on life, to laugh, to eat and to just reconnect. As important as my relationship with my family is, I find it equally as important to reconnect and find time to focus on the strong female friendships in my life. They keep me going and make me a happier human, equally as much as husband time, solo time and Nate time.

fraxel laser treatment experience

My Fraxel Laser Treatment Experience + a Photo Diary

August 21, 2019

The Back Story:

Before I jump into the Fraxel bit of this post, I wanted to share a little background info. Years ago, I  struggled with pretty bad, adult acne that came out of nowhere. I finally got it under control and wrote about it here. For a few years, my skin was in relatively good shape. I starting investing more time and money into taking care of it. I consider it to be an extremely worthy investment because when my skin looks good, I feel good. It's one of my favorite ways to take care of myself and I know that future Helena will thank me. I started getting  light lasers and peels several times a year. I did get facials, but not as often as some do. Maybe every three months because I found that peels and lasers to do a bit more for my skin. Everyone is different!


An Easy Denim Dress (maternity and non!) & Weekend Links

August 16, 2019

Happy Friday! I know I've been a little slower on posting consistently during the last few weeks of summer, but I assure you that we're working on so many great posts relating to fashion, beauty, motherhood and a detailed recap of our Italy trip.

this dress is tight to show off the pregnancy

Five Tips I’ve Learned for Dressing the Bump

August 12, 2019

As I've mentioned before, this pregnancy has taught me some new-found ways to be creative. It made me step out of my typical dressing style as denim, including denim shorts, don't quite cut it in the hot summer months. Maternity version of denim shorts do exist, but I don't love the look on me. I've basically lived in dresses as I've found them to be a) the most comfortable this time of year and b) some of the most flattering. In general, below are some tips that I've found that work well for me:

Grace Atwood shares her Perfect Day in NYC begins with her stepping out of her NYC apartment, of course!

Grace Atwood’s Perfect Day in NYC

August 7, 2019

For todays installment of 'My Perfect Day in NYC,' I'm so excited to share yet another one of my favorite New Yorkers! Grace is the writer behind one of my most frequently visited blogs, The Stripe. She's also the cohost of the popular Bad on Paper Podcast (you can find my episode here) and basically killing it in both arenas. 


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