March 16, 2024

Weekend Notes: March 16th 2024.

Coat: Frankie Shop (not recent) | Shirt: Rag & Bone (in a M) | Denim: Sezane (I sized up 2 sizes) | Belt: Nili Lotan | Shoes: Gucci | Bag: Bottega Casette Bag | Glasses: old, cannot even remember.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It always feels like the unofficial start of spring. What is everyone up to this weekend? We had no plans and decided to drive to our lake house on a whim. We’re going to hit up the basketball courts (Nate has been playing!) and have a wild visit to Dick’s Sporting Goods (lol), as Keith has some Yeti gear on his wishlist. Riveting stuff.

Life update: I’ve been looking into booking something Disney-related for the last few months. With Nate and Sasha being four and almost eight years old, it feels like it’s the right time. After hearing many great things, I debated a Disney Cruise, but ultimately, I pivoted to booking Disney & Universal for May! I might revisit the cruise next year, but it felt like the right thing to do with Nate’s so into Harry Potter. Honestly, I’m surprised at how excited I am. I cannot wait to experience everything through their eyes, and Keith and I love a fun park. We booked through one of my friends, Angie, a Disney pro who owns Bright Lights Travel! She’s been helping us with every detail of the trip (flights excluded), and I know we’re in the best hands. 

The Mango outwear edit for spring is gorgeous. I’m on the hunt for a classic trench and going to take a chance on this one and this one  and see which one I like more.

While we’re on the topic of Mango, this jumpsuit is so good.

One item on my lust list is these very expensive Khaite earrings. I think about them too often, but they’re so overpriced that I cannot bring myself to buy them, at least not yet. I check The RealReal daily but ended up ordering these for now. I’ll keep you guys posted!

Another splurgy item on my radar (that I’ll end up getting) are these Manolo sandals. I tried them on and they’re exactly what I’ve been looking for in a shoe. They’re minimal, but not too minimal that they look unflattering (many are), comfortable considering they have a decent heel height and look so good with just about everything.

Brooklinen has its Sleep Week sale going on, and everything is 20% off. We love their Luxe Sateen bedding! I also got the Super-Plush Turkish towels, which are large and make you feel like you’re living in a five-star hotel. You really cannot go wrong, and they have the best return policy in the event you’re not happy.

On that topic, how to take care of your towels. 

11 romantic hotels in New York that make a getaway feel like an event.

What are your simple pleasures?

Adult Lunchable ideas that look so good & fun to eat.

The 10 best cocktail cities and bars in America.

A perfect, neutral cardigan.

My favorite size of the Savette clutch. It’s deceiving in how much it can fit!

The beauty products (& tools) I can’t live without.

Knowing ‘this’ can help you get the best sleep ever.

In addition to my LTK page, I’ve been sharing my top product recs from IG Stories over on ShopMy as another avenue to purchase.

10 super unique Airbnbs for under $300.

The best high-waisted leggings that I’ve been wearing for years. I’ve tried all the fancy brands, but I always come back to these for pure comfort.

ICYMI, an updated guide to buying & sizing Chanel flats.

How to protect yourself against scams.

Important health PSA for dog owners.

Have a great week!





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