June 6, 2021

Weekend Notes: June 6, 2021.

two bowls of fruits and cream for Weekend NotesBowls: Sarah Kersten | Flatware: Target

Happy Sunday! My kids are currently watching a little TV while playing and I’m getting a few moments of peace. We’ve had a busy weekend, driving back and forth from Pennsylvania to check in on the house to jumping straight into weekend activities. Today, Keith has to go into his studio for the new documentary he’s working on.  I’m taking Nate (and Sasha) to T-ball and then planning to hang out with my mom and the kids.

This week, my plan is to put together a denim shorts guide of some sort, at least from the pairs that I tried on, that will hopefully be helpful as we fully embark the season.

Weekend Notes: June 6, 2021

As of now, this pair of black denim shorts was my top seller last week. It’s one of my favorite pairs.

Supergoop! has a 20% off sale and I’m stocking up on some favorites: Glow Screen which I love to mix with their Unseen (or any other facial SPF you like). I’m also getting the SPF Lip Balm, the Glow Screen for the body (never tried) and the Play Everyday that I use on the kids.

For this weekend notes, this potato salad trick is the best. Something my mom taught me years ago and it’s a game changer.

On that note, 3 ways to upgrade your salad.

To go along with your summer recipes, a spicy pineapple margarita recipe that looks so refreshing.

How the sibling duo behind McBride Sisters Wine get it done.

In addition to The Friends Reunion, here are some of the best comedies you can watch now on HBO Max.

I wouldn’t say I’m an introvert or an extrovert but more of an ambivert (a mix of both). Nonetheless, this was an interesting read on what introverts and extroverts can learn from each other. 

I got this little romper and it’s perfect for summer. I went with a medium.

These gorgeous, classic leather ballet flats are currently on sale & avail in 3 colors.

Craving a trip to the Southwest thanks to this list of beautiful spots to visit.

Paying the price for sun damage.

Love how this coverup can be worn as a dress & a summer longline cardigan over shorts.

The welcome return of ’90s snacks. My (very Russian) mother never bought Hot Pockets, but I remember loving them so much. 

A $7 hanes tee that I love having in my white tee rotation. I got a medium.

ICYMI, last week I shared a few of my favorite dresses and my wrist/hand accessories I’m currently wearing non-stop.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend and the upcoming week!



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