March 28, 2020

Weekend Notes: 3/28

Weekend Notes 3/28

Weekend Notes 3/28Hi everyone! I’m excited that I managed to get this post up. It’s been quite the balancing act, having both kids at home 24/7, keeping Nate busy and both trying to work from home. I know that it’s nothing compared to what some people are dealing with, so I’m not here to complain. I’ve alway tried to focus on the little things, but now, more than ever.

Weekend Notes 3/28

This past week, I shared a roundup of indoor activities & things to do for kids stuck at home.

If you’re on the hunt for some outfits to lounge around in, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites.

Bellevue Hospital Center, NYC’s only public hospital, currently has less than a week’s worth of protective supplies for its ER staff members (N95 masks, gowns, protective shields.) They currently have a GoFundMe to fundraise enough money for protective equipment that will set them up for the next few weeks.

Best at-home workouts to try during the quarantine.

What to watch on TV right now.

The acrylic bookshelves we have in the kids room sold out but that being said, these shelves here are a budget-friendlier version.

Here’s a way some are turning on the cheer during these ‘dark times.’

Dealing with anxiety and depression. 

89 recipes with 5 ingredients or fewer.

Blair highlights some of her favorite smaller brands.

Here’s a way some are turning on the cheer during these ‘dark times.’

How to triple your closet space.

Reminder to make sure you clean your phone!

Thinking of all of you! Stay safe and stay strong! We’re truly all in this together.





  • Janine

    Thank you for keeping on posting during this crazy and scary time and providing some sort of normality and entertainment 🙂 Wishing you all the best – stay sane!
    xx Janine

  • Barbara

    Helena! You and your precious, beautiful family are such a bright light and lovely diversion from the the crisis we’re all dealing with. Thank you! Lots of love to you all!

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