March 25, 2020

Lounging Favorites

I hope everyone is staying safe and sane during these crazy scary times. It’s been a bit hard to navigate on what to share, but one thing that’s been requested is to put together some loungewear favorites. We’re staying home now more than ever and like the majority of the population, I just want to be in comfortable clothing.

I’ve personally ordered a few of the below pieces, including the H&M block sweatshirt, the Hanes athletic socks & pullover fleece hoodie and this tie dye sweatshirt and pants from Urban Outfitters. I’m also sharing some additional items that you can scroll through below.

Also, the above images are all clickable.

Loungewear Favorites

Hanes Women’s Cushioned Crew Knit Athletic Socks ($11)

Hanes Men’s Pullover Fleece Hoodie ($13)

H&M Light Pink Color -Block Sweatshirt ($25)

H&M Cropped Hoodie ($25)

H&M Light Pink Oversized Hoodie ($30) + Matching Light Pink Sweatpants ($18)

Gap Pure Body Modal Joggers ($40)

MONROW Vintage Jersey Basic Oversized Tee ($58) + Matching Vintage Sweatpants ($133)

MONROW Crew Neck Sweatshirt ($120)

Michael Stars Kingsley Tie Waist Joggers ($158)



  • Eli

    Pink and grey, my favorite colors 🙂 Although I’m used to wear jeans or comfy dresses when I’m at home 🙂


  • joe

    Amazing Lounge favorite i just cant wait to by these!

  • Easter 2020

    Amazing Lounge favorite i just cant wait to by these!

  • Leah

    SO REFRESHING to come across a fashion blog that isn’t linking $500 sweatshirts. Even if you have the extra $$$ to spend it seems SO wasteful to keep buying more luxury goods, when that money could be used to do so much good elsewhere! Love your page!!

  • samantha

    Def can’t afford $133 sweatpants, Other then that, my second fav was the cream colored cropped hoodie

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