March 30, 2020

Casual Cool with Everlane


Casual Cool with Everlane

Casual Cool with Everlane

Casual Cool with EverlaneEverlane Trencheverlane trench (wearing a small) | Sweater (wearing a small) | Tee (wearing a small) | Chinos (wearing a 4)

Everlane has quickly become one of my all-time favorite brands for three main reasons: 1) they have the best elevated basics at very reasonable prices. 2) the quality is top-notch and 3) they partner with some of the most ethical factories around the world. In addition, they’re currently having 25% off sitewide until Friday!!

I previously shared 10 different outfits using 10 Everlane pieces. Today, this look is a little more relaxed and a little breezier. So if you’re in the market for a new trench, I highly recommend this Everlane one. It’s under $150 it feels and looks like one that is more than double in price. I paired it with their pleated chinos, their oversized tee and for an added layer, the alpaca crew.

Thank you to Everlane for partnering on this post



  • Rach

    Everlane is seriously the best!! Love this look and loving that all of their pieces are currently on sale!

  • Janine

    Everlane have some amazing pieces! I also love their sustainable approach – makes shopping for clothes more enjoyable 🙂 I adoooore that color palette of the look you are wearing!
    xx Janine

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  • Eli

    I love that beautiful outfit! You look wonderful 🙂


  • Sel

    Helena, that is a beautiful outfit. However, the current global economic situation and the inevitable global economic depression that will eventuate has forced me to re-direct my spending to essential items only. I am reluctant to spend on clothing, beauty, gyms, etc because I am concerned about what comes next. Some may think or say that I am a pessimist or a Debbie-downer. I am not – I am a realist. Difficult times await us and difficult decisions will be needed to be made. Choosing to ignore or not face what the future economic ramifications will be will not stop them from occurring and will not benefit me at all. I am not attempting to be harsh or cold-hearted. But, I think we need to understand and face that our economic prosperity is in a very unhealthy state and individually and as a nation we are in for some tough economic years.

  • Devon

    This feels SUPER tone deaf, considering the recent news about Everlane.

    • Helena

      Devon, this post went live before I knew of the news. Always easy to assume!

  • Mireia

    Love this outfit dear!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Chelsea

    I love Everlane! This outfit is so chic!

    xx Chelsea

  • Dan

    Why aren’t you disclosing Ads and sponsored posts? Also I’m surprised that you are still working with a company after what they did this week. It’s a bit disappointing

  • Jlsdunn

    I am in love with your ballet flats. Can you give some info on them?

    • Helena

      Chanel that I found via the RealReal!

  • Donia

    it’s hard for me to even consider buying anything from Everlane having in mind their latest choices and horrible behavior… it’s interesting to see how affiliate bloggers are gonna approach the situation

    • Helena

      Hi Donia,

      I get it. As I mentioned above, this was shot and posted before I was aware of what happened. I discussed this in my stories yesterday (Wednesday).

  • Carina

    Such a nice outfit!

    Carina |

  • Selena

    This post makes me cringe.

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  • Mobile Dokan24

    Hi Helena, It’s really amazing picture. I am highly glad to see your picture. You look like very wonderful.

  • Samantha

    That trench looks like it needs a good steam to release the wrinkles! I usually hang it in the bathroom when i’m taking a hot shower or hot bath, which i do all the time in the Fall and Winter. For Spring and Summer I use Downy wrinkle release spray.

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