July 14, 2021

The Light Salon Boost LED Face Mask Review

the Light Salon Boost LED Face MaskI’m going on about five-six months (or maybe more?) on using the Light Salon boost LED Face Mask and can say with confidence that I absolutely love it. I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to skincare, I’m as high maintenance as they come. If someone tells me that they have a gadget that works and that will make my skin look better, sign me up. I love being a guinea pig. After all, it is part of my job and one of my favorite parts at that.

With this Light Salon mask, my skin feels brighter and plumper. It tones down redness and overall, it just makes my skin thicker, more even and just…better. I see a difference as soon as I take it off, as well as an overall difference that has built up with time.

Side note: I love the mask so much that I recently purchased the bib so I can also target my aging neck and chest.

Why the Light Salon Boost LED Face Mask ?

This particular mask is the first on the market that’s completely flexible (unlike some others like the popular Dennis Gross mask.) I’m a huge klutz and the fact that this one is unbreakable is major. This makes it so easy to use and I’ll often find myself wearing it while I’m working on the computer or doing other things. I use it about 5-6x a week for 10-20 minutes a day, depending on what I’m doing around the house or later on.

Although the price is pretty steep, the almost-immediate effects this mask has shown based on results of my brighter, happier skin makes it worth it. Plus at the end of the day, it costs much less than getting the professional treatment to remedy fine lines & dark under-eye concerns.

It took me a few months to write this review because I really wanted to feel confident recommending it.

24% off discount:

24% off using the code HELENASPRING24 at checkout: The lovely team at Light Salon offered me 24% off to share with all of you after seeing me post about it quite often. I asked a bunch of questions, we ran all the numbers and even with shipping, since unfortunately there is a shipping cost, it still ends up being less than if you were to purchase it from any US Retailer (they’re based in London.) In case you’re interested, here are the numbers:

Here’s a little bit more scientific, detailed info below:

What is LED Light Therapy & The Benefits of Using?

What used to be available as treatment in dermatologist offices only is now widely available thanks to this mask. Also, what it does is deliver clinically-proven Red 633nm and Near-Infrared 830nm wavelengths to plump, hydrate, calm the skin, and encourage relaxation over time. Here’s the difference between the two types of light this mask emits:

Red 633nm LED Light: Inflammation fighter that helps to balance the skin’s completion, calms redness & evens tone. This type of light triggers collagen & elastin production, which makes it one of the best light treatments for anti-aging & combatting the negative effects of sun exposure/environment stressors.

Near-Infrared 830nm LED Light: Works in tandem with Red 633nm Light to decrease pain & inflammation while boosting circulation. It also aids in strengthening complexion by working to help remove toxins so the skin can regenerate more effectively. All with reducing stress and promoting skin relaxation in the process.

Overall, the combination of both light types work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve hydration, and even skin tone with continuous use. LED light therapy has also been found to repair cell damage, kill bacteria & reduce the appearance of fine lines.

And when paired with topical serums & moisturizers – LED light enables the absorption of these products much more effectively, resulting in a noticeable difference in both the look & feel of your skin.

What To Look For in a LED Light Therapy Mask:

LED light therapy involves exposing the skin to different wavelengths of light to treat various skin concerns, from signs of aging to acne & blemish control. The type of light used determines the effectiveness of what concern you’re personally addressing when it comes to your skin. Here’s what to look for when selecting an LED Light Mask:

Red Light: Best for combatting signs of aging; stimulates collagen & elastin production to fade wrinkles

Blue Light: Best for combatting blemishes; known to kill acne-causing bacteria

Adjustable Settings: Be sure your LED Mask selection offers a range of light types/wavelengths at various intensities. This allows for a broader assortment of combinations so you can custom tailor your light therapy that suits your skin’s specific needs/concerns overtime and as they change throughout time.

Overall LED Light Boost Mask Pros

It works on all skin tones & types within 10 minutes; not a time consuming treatment & easily adapted into my morning/night routine 3-5x a week. It’s also completely painless & I see noticeable improvement after every use. My skin appears much brighter and more even in tone than it did prior.

The mask itself is flexible, made from soft medical-grade silicone; Allowing it to be worn easily & comfortably as it molds to the face. It also comes with velcro straps to secure from slippage if wearing around the house.

It’s lightweight & portable; plus it comes with an assortment of global adaptors so you can use anyplace (when we can travel abroad again!)



  • Janine

    Very interesting gadget! I am now very convinced by how you say it did even out your skin tone, which is something I am currently trying to work on. Might give it a try! 🙂
    Xx Janine

  • Julia

    Interesting, you are the only blogger I trust with anything facial. I have a few staples in my bathroom because of you, I might have to that the plunge and try this one too. Quick question, I got spots during my pregnancy, do you know if it would help reduce the visibility of those?

    • Helena

      Hi Julia,
      Thank you!! That reputation means a lot.
      I don’t think it’s going to get rid of spots all together, but it will certainly help with the overall texture and appearance of your skin. It may lighten your spots a little, but I wouldn’t want you to get this thinking it will make them disappear. That didn’t happen to me as I still have lingering spots – but everything else, including my pore size and clarity, look a lot better. Consistency is key. I try to use at least 5x a week for about 10 min a day. Even when I’m just scrolling Instagram.

  • Zoe

    Hi Helena – I have been looking at this for several weeks now, so I was so thrilled to see your review on it. I always trust that you have used the product yourself and care about what you suggest.

    Thank you for sharing your review and providing this discount code!


    • Helena

      Hi Zoe,
      Thank you for your kind words! Let me know if you try and what you think of it.

  • Jen

    Is this pregnancy safe? It sounds amazing!

  • Deanna

    Hi Helena !
    I just want to share my experience with it and I completely agree with your experience and results ! I have Dr Gross mask which I use religiously over almost a year. And consistency is a key for sure but it’s so easy to do compare yo everything else. It requires no work except just putting the mask on your face. Have to say I love how your mask travel friendly and more adjustable to your needs. So if I had to purchase again I will definitely choose yours. Have a question…. Is there a limit to wear it? I am curios bc Dr Gross you supposed to wear for 3 min daily but I am sure you understand, once you see the result and you want to wear it for hours. So I wonder if that’s safe ? And also do you use products with the mask ? I was told that it should be done on dry face… definitely no oils. What’s your routine ? Thank you so much for al your sharing. It’s always the best ❤️

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  • NonA

    Hi Helena,
    Great post. I agree with readers above in that i consider you to be one of the influencers out there whose opinions I value most and not just for skincare. I’n thinking of getting a flexible mask and was wondering if you have heard of or had a chance to try the omnilux contour and how it compares to the boost mask. Thanks!

    • Diane Lee

      Hi! Are you still using? Am thinking to get one too. Worth it? Good for under eyes? Thanks!

  • Mikey Hasan

    I was curious about the working of an LED mask. Thanks for explaining every detail about the new skincare device to us!

  • sania

    getting this just because of your recommendation

  • Kate

    I’m the one asking for the last kick for that device. So I got it in April. Using 10-20 min daily for more than 2 months religiously. Sometimes morning sometimes before going to sleep. No results at all. I’m 40, I don’t smoke and take any special pills, coffee once a day. No pimples. All I wanted is the improvement of skin texture, plumper skin, overall quality of my skin, as well as some wrinkles on forehead. That device did nothing – took pictures before and after. Actually, in between, I had a splash of awkward pimples all over that face and sent an inquiry to customer service. They asked me to send them pictures before and after as well as the list of products I use, which I did. All I get in return is that the cause that my mask doesn’t work is cleansing balm followed by the AD for their own make up which I didn’t purchase. I mentioned in my email that I use these products rarely and for the last few weeks I don’t use cleaning products at all because I work from home and don’t use any make up. To sum up, I’m very disappointed in the device itself and the customer service itself.

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