July 15, 2021

Weekly Favorites: Nordstrom Edition

I debated on whether I wanted to highlight my favorites from Nordstrom, but when I spotted a few items that I really loved or could genuinely stand behind, I figured why the hell not. There are plenty of other lists, guides, whatever you want to call it, that are significantly more detailed and that BREAK. IT. DOWN. This is not that list. Overall, I’m not one that flocks to the sale (whether in person or online) and find a lot of the things to be pretty meh. However, there were a few things, 7 to be exact, that I happened to be very into.

Weekly Favorites Nordstrom Edition

Nike Sportswear Crewneck Sweatshirt

I love this in grey paired with black leather leggings, jeans, joggers, or even a dressier type of pant for a nice juxtaposition.

Moonlight Short Pajamas

I own these, I love them and I’d highly recommend them. Significantly cheaper than some other brands that I own and in my opinion, they feel very similar.

ALLSAINTS Leather Brim Baseball Cap

Absolutely getting this. I love a black baseball cap, particularly in the fall and winter, for days when I’m lazy or when dry shampoo won’t cut it.

Clare V Simple Tote

I’m really debating this tote. It’s just such a good size and has that slouchy look that I love.

Vince Merino Wool Blend Longline Coat

My friend has this coat in camel and it’s stunning. Quite frankly, all three colors are equally as beautiful and if I didn’t own an embarrassing amount of fall and winter coats, I’d 100% snatch this puppy up.

Baublebar Initial Crystal Beaded Stretch Bracelet

Love the little initial detail and thinking I may need to get some for Nate’s teachers for end of camp (and perhaps one for myself).

ALLSAINTS Balfern Leather Jacket

I own this jacket in black and a light tobacco color and it’s one of my favorites. If you’re in need of a leather jacket, I cannot recommend this one enough. Size up as it runs small.

Anything that I’m missing that you’re definitely getting or have your eye on? Please share!



  • Francine

    Hi Helena,

    I always enjoy your posts as I love your aesthetics.
    Yep, the sale has definitely gotten less interesting the last few years – despite the enormous amounts of influencer hype. This year, I think it’s more a commentary on fashion in general. There’s only so many slouchy sweaters and sweat pants a person can have. I miss when the fall season was about a certain color, fabric or texture. Something more compelling and different…anyhow. That being said, I did buy another pair of Levi’s and some grey suede boots. The beauty department…I write the Beauty section for another influencer (gasp!) and there are some great tools/devices (GloPro, LED mask) that are worth a look!


  • mark cruse milly

    really love to be here, i read through and it was exactly what i was looking for

  • 123 livevip

    thank you very much

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