September 27, 2012

Style & The Gang

Pictured wearing their Cesena platforms.
When Nine West asked Keiko, Christine, Kim & I to part of their Fall campaign, Nine & The Gang, it was a no brainer. A morning of shooting photos with your real-life friends? Yes, please. We went with the  rocker theme and although we look pretty tough and serious in the photo above, there was nothing but laughs and silly moments between each shot. Thanks to Bobby for shooting these photos and dealing with not one, but four crazy chicks!
Also, thanks to Keiko for making this kick ass playlist to go along with the theme of the shoot.
Now that you’ve seen my gang, lets see yours! Share your gang photos on Instagram or Twitter tagging   @NineWest with the hashtag #NineAndTheGang and you can win free shoes for your entire gang! Official rules can be found online. 



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