May 26, 2015

Staying Fit with Jockey

Sports Bra: Jockey ℅ | Leggings: Jockey ℅ | Jacket: Jockey ℅ | Sneakers: Nike
It’s not that often that I dive into my fitness routine on the blog, but it happens to be a huge part of my life! If I’m not doing some sort of physical activity at least 3-4x a week, I really feel off. In general, I like to switch up my workouts so I’m constantly being challenged, both mentally and physically. I’ve learned how important it is to do so! If you’re somebody who goes to the gym and only walks on the treadmill, try to change things up. Your body will thank you!
For me, I practice yoga several times a week, which quite honestly, might be my favorite way to stay in shape. The mental benefits are incredible and as cliche as it sounds, it keeps me balanced. With being so intertwined in social media AND living in NYC, unplugging is key and for me, I do it best in  yoga class. Physically, my body looks best when I’m consistent with my yoga practice. I look longer, leaner and overall, just healthier. Aside from yoga, I do a lot of calisthenics (squats, lunges, sit-ups, pushups) to keep my body challenged and I try to get an intense cardio workout in at least 2x a week. Also, walking! I walk A LOT. It’s my favorite way to clear my head and get inspired. 
I also find that when I have great workout clothes, I’m so much more excited to get to the gym or to class! No surprise there, right? Here, I’m wearing my favorite pieces from Jockey. So incredibly comfortable, supportive in all the right places while still being stylish. I love!
For my diet, I always say that if I didn’t like food so much, I’d probably be in 5x better shape. As some of you might know by all my NYC food posts, food is a big part of my life. In general, I’m a healthy eater. I cook at home several times a week and try to balance out the eating out by keeping it healthy and clean. There’s a lot of roasted veggies, salads, lean meats, beans and juicing. Thank goodness for Keith who wakes up and juices nearly every single morning. I also take a heaping tablespoon of flaxeed oil every single morning! I should have probably added that to my previous skin post, as I’m positive that it contributes to the overall glow.
When I’m out, I’m all about portion control. I won’t ever deprive myself of anything, but I’ll certainly keep the portions small. When I’m with girlfriends, we always split and if not, I’ll always have leftovers. I also love wine and cocktails, but I try to save it for when I’m out at dinner or events. I used to have a glass of wine (or two…) at home quite often, but I’m trying to kick that habit in order to keep it balanced. 
The foods that I always have in my house and that I cannot live without: natural peanut butter, apples, avocados, eggs, lentils, lemons, sweet potatoes,  chic peas and lots of greens. I know it’s a random list, but I like to have all of those on hand.
So, that’s my fitness and diet in a nutshell! 
By the way, Keith took these photos in the most incredible El Yunque Rain Forrest in Puerto Rico. So magical! Going to share the rest of my Puerto Rico pictures this week. Stay tuned!

Photos by Keith Hodne



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