October 22, 2013

October in New York

Cable Turtleneck: Vince | Jeans: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply | Striped Tee: T by Alexander Wang | Clutch: Antik Batik (another incredible version here and here) | Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger | Cuff: Hermes | Lipstick: MAC Red 
October in New York, one of my favorite months and feelings in the world. It’s the type of weather that immediately puts you in a good mood, despite whatever else is going on. So many New Yorkers complain about our brutal winters, our humid summers, but in my opinion, our fall season makes up for it. I really cannot imagine living in a city without a true fall. Chunky sweaters, crispy leaves, the brownstones covered by colorful trees and bright colored pumpkins, I can go on and on.
Completely off topic, I’ve been getting lots of questions if I stopped growing out my hair color. The answer is no! If you guys saw what was going on underneath, you would believe me, but my colorist has done a great job at keeping it temporarily blended on top. What a pain in the ass process, but I’m trying to be patient through it all. So many of you have been written to me telling me about how you did it, so your words have certainly helped! At the end of the day, it’s just hair, so I know it’s really not that serious. Keep you posted!

Photos by Keith Hodne



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