July 24, 2019

Kat Tanita’s Perfect Day in NYC

Kat Tanitas Perfect Day in NYCIf you’re just tuning in, I launched a new series that I’m particularly excited about: “My Perfect Day in NYC.”

Even as someone who was born and raised here, I absolutely love reading what a perfect day would entail for each person. Not only do I get to learn a little more about them, but it introduces me or reminds me of places I need to try. If you missed it yesterday, I shared my day here.

Today I have one of my personal favorites, Kat Tanita, the  blogger/writer behind With Love From Kat, as well as the creator of the incredible travel app.

Kat Tanita’s Perfect Day in NYC

Here’s her perfect day in NYC:

Grab a green juice at Juice Generation (I like to start every morning with a green juice because it helps me look + feel my best, and sets the tone for my day!)  Then I’d stroll through Soho and leisurely browse around all of my favorite stores. Like Iro, Zimmermann, Reformation, and Ba&sh.

Next, I’d head to Nolita to grab a matcha at Cha Cha Matcha. Followed by getting a Brooklyn Blackout cupcake from The Little Cupcake Bakeshop. Their cupcakes are ADDICTING and this particular flavor got voted Best in the US by Food + Wine Magazine so you know it’s good!

After my mid morning indulgence, I’d head uptown to Bergdorfs to do some more shopping. And then have lunch at the BG Cafe. I’d pop by Barney’s and some of the other beautiful high end stores along Fifth Avenue. And then I’d walk through Central Park. And I may or may not grab a cookie at Levain Bakery… 😉

After a full day of walking my feet would be tired. So I’d head to the West Village and get a mani/pedi/foot massage at Wisteria Nail Spa. I’d walk through Washington Square Park after my hour of relaxation and then pop into FaceGym to get a lymphatic drainage, which totally sculpts your cheekbones and de-puffs your face.

Finally, I’d head home to freshen up and get ready to go out to dinner + drinks for the night. If I could go anywhere for dinner, I’d either go to the Polo Bar or L’Artusi. After dinner, I’d head to Employees Only – a fun speakeasy, and end the night with friends at The Bowery Hotel lobby which is cozy, chic and chill!

You could find Kat on Instagram here. 



  • Mireia

    In loooove with this blazer!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Janine

    I am ashamed to admit that I have never heard of Kat before, but I am definitely going to check out her blog – she’s a beautiful lady and I think it’s super cool that most of her perfect day involves strolling and eating 😉 Thanks for sharing!
    xx Janine

  • Carina


    Carina | https://carinazz.blogspot.com/

  • Rach

    Oo, I think my perfect day would sound so similar to Kat!


  • Jherell

    I’m loving this series! I don’t visit the city as often as I’d like (I’m from Western NY). Reading these posts makes me want to visit even more – and gives me new spots to eventually check out.

  • Mariya

    That blazer!

  • Meghan

    1. loving this new series! 2. Kat, I want to come along for the ride when you next do this day!!!

  • Abi

    SO glad that I managed to do one of these things whilst on vacation in NYC in April (Levain bakery!). I’ll remember the others for next time which I’m hoping won’t be too far away!

    Abigail Alice x

  • kat Tanita

    Such a fun series/idea! Thanks for including me Helena!!! <3333

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  • Sarah

    These are all great places to check out, I’m really interested in the lymphatic drainage facial!! Can’t wait to read more from this series

    Xx Sarah

  • Rama

    thanks for sharing this news


    First of all a very Nice article and the lady Kat Tanita is beautiful amazing, i check your Instagram , you are the one of the most stylish person , i have seen ever.


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