July 19, 2019

Happy Summer Friday!

Happy Summer Friday + Weekend LinksDress: XIRENA (wearing a medium) | Cropped Denim: L’Agence | Shoes: Louboutin | Bag: Chanel | Sunglasses: Colors in Optics

This past week was a good one. For no particular reason except that I was in a good mood for most of it, something I attribute to working out several times and getting a lot done. It’s fascinating how some mornings you wake up and just feel off. There’s no real reason for it, but it’s just this looming feeling that just sits there. Sweating always helps, as does making fun plans for the weekend ahead.

Wishing you all the best weekend! Continue reading for some great links below.

I got this t-shirt dress last week and it’s one of the most comfortable dresses I own. I’d recommend it to anyone, pregnant or not, that’s looking for a piece that’s fuss free and easy to throw on. I took a medium, but could have even gotten away with a small if my bump did not make it a lot shorter.

Another favorite from this past week is this salad chopper. I’d normally chop up my herbs and veggies on a big cutting board, but this makes it so much easier. Also, what is it about chopped salad that makes it taste significantly  better?

To go along with your salad, here’s a magic grid of salad dressings! 

5 of my favorite pairs of sneakers

Speaking of sneakers, here are the über cool sneakers I recently got Nate.

Are you watching any of these hidden gems on Netflix?

The official trailer for Cats. Keith took me to see it on Broadway when it was rereleased (maybe two years ago?) and I enjoyed it so much than I ever thought I would. Such a Broadway classic and definitely very pumped for the movie!

A ton of my book friends are raving about this book.

What you should know before joining in on the #FaceAppChallenge.

Forget lobster rolls. This dish might be the new summer staple.

18 Weeks Pregnant: Outfits I’ve Worn So Far & So On…

One of my favorite blazers.

How sweet are these girls!?

This skin essentials kit is part of the Nordstrom sale.

40 places to take your kids before they’re grown.

Have the best weekend!



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