July 18, 2019

My 5 Favorite Pairs of White Sneakers

I simply love white sneakers.

I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with white sneakers. Never in my life have I owned several pairs, at the same exact time. Aside from the obvious, the comfort of sneakers over heels, they look effortless and chic with most outfits.

Click through to see what my current favorite pairs are.

My 5 Favorite Pairs of White Sneakers


The pair I’m wearing in the above photo and over the last few years, my most worn pair. Just like the French brand, they’re incredibly minimalistic, but somehow make everything from a black blazer to a dress look stylish.


This summer, I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with Keds. I would describe them as as “dainty” sneaker and because of that, I prefer them with looser and lightweight fabrics like easy summer dresses. Then again, if I felt good in denim cutoffs at the moment (not my favorite pregnant look), I’d certainly rock them as Baby from Dirty Dancing did. Such an Americana classic. Also, they are so comfortable! I wore them in Italy one day and my feet did not hurt at all. With that being said, some people recommended an insert if you’re going to be doing some serious walking, which is a great idea.

Stan Smiths:

Speaking of Americana classics, what gets more classic than a pair of Stan Smiths? I don’t own a pair, but I think I may spring for one this fall. Again, I love how they look with a full blown fall look (coat and all) as much as I love them with something a bit more summery.

white sneakers outfit

Golden Goose:

If you’re wanting to splurge on a pair of sneakers, I’d still recommend Golden Goose. Years later, I love and wear my Golden Goose on a regular basis. When the brand became super popular, their styles were a bit more distressed, but in the last year or so, they’ve come out with “cleaner” looks, which I tend to prefer.

weekend casual style

Axel Arigato:

“Combining the minimalistic design aesthetics of Scandinavia and Japan….” Understated, yet incredibly chic. Another pair I reach for all the time. Like Golden Goose, they’re a bit more structured and pair so well with denim, leather leggings and for a nice contrast, feminine dresses. Similar to Axels are Common Projects, which I love, but they’re almost double the price.




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