January 7, 2020

Goals for the New Year: My 20 for 2020 List

Helena Glazer sharing her Goals for the New YearHat: Lack of Color | Coat: H&M (sold out. good option here and here) | Boots: Louboutin | Denim: Levis 

First and foremost, a week late, but Happy New Year! I took a little time off from posting, wanting to spend some time with the family and enjoy this fleeting newborn stage. Like last year, I wanted to make a list of goals for the new year and even crazier, the new decade! Last year it was my 19 for 2019 and it only makes sense that this year, it will be my 20 for 2020.

Admittedly, I didn’t cross off as many things as I would have hoped for in 2019, but I’m totally okay with that. I was pregnant for most of 2019, which made certain things, like taking a wine class, a bit more challenging.  The point of this list is not to beat myself up over what I didn’t complete, but rather, be proud of what I did complete. It’s more about putting it out there and planning my goals for the future. 

Goals for the New Year: My 20 for 2020 List

Without further adieu, my 20 for 2020, in no particular order.

1. Get my drivers license:

Okay, this was high on my 2019 list and I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to cross this off. This year, it’s a top priority for me. Yes, living in an urban city, especially with such easy access to Ubers, makes it incredibly easy to put it off. I don’t necessarily need a license where I live, but it would sure be helpful.

2. Get in better shape:

After being pregnant for most of 2019 and now, having a two-month-old, nursing around the clock, waking up in the middle of the night and being in full-on mommy mode, I cannot wait to make this year about my mental and physical health. Not in a selfish way, but in a way that will make me a better mother, wife and human. Currently, I’ve been incorporating Melissa Wood workouts into my routine and whenever I am done, even when it’s a quick 15 minute session, I feel wonderful. I plan to continue with her workouts, but also incorporate classes and some solo gym time.

3. Meditate:

With the above being said, the mental part of getting into great shape is meditating. I started meditating when I was pregnant and I noticed such a difference. I haven’t been consistent since having the baby, but I’d like to make an effort to get back into it. Even if it’s for 10 minutes a day.

4. Redecorate a few areas of our home:

Lately, I’ve been on a Pinterest spree, wanting to get as much as inspiration as possible. Unlike our major kitchen and bathroom renovation, my next project is rather small, but I think it will be impactful. Recently, we redecorated the kids room and dining room (more on that soon) and now, I’m craving to make a few changes to our bedroom and living room.

5. Declutter:

I’ve been organizing and decluttering a lot lately and let me tell you guys, it’s feels so good. Now, I’m trying to tackle every space and area, little by little. Recently, I organized my t-shirt drawers and while it’s something small, it makes such a difference. If you’re interested, I have an organization highlight saved in my stories. Some of it are bigger projects I’ve tackled with Andrea of Dream Organization and some of them, I’ve managed to do myself *pats self on the back…* 

 6. Continue the One Minute Rule:

I’ve posted about this over and over and I’ll continue making this a habit in my every day life. Basically, if something takes less than one minute to finish, whether it’s sending an email or putting a dish in the dishwasher, do it! This habit makes a huge difference on my mental wellbeing.

7. Less Mindless Scrolling on Instagram:

A lot of what I do has to do with Instagram and social media, but even so, I find myself unnecessarily scrolling a bit too much. While I think it’s perfectly acceptable to take a few moments to unwind and browse through social media, there needs to be a limit.

8. Get back into reading:  

Getting lost in a book brings me immense pleasure, but over the last few months, I’ve fallen off. I always say that reading is like working out: once you get started, you’re reminded at how good it makes you feel. I have a pile of books waiting for me that I cannot wait to slowly dive into.

9. A gratitude journal:

I know, it sounds so incredibly cliche. However, I know how much a practice of daily gratitude can do for the soul. Admittedly, most days I’m guilty of going through the daily grind, rather than taking a few minutes to reflect on what matters most. Right now, I’m getting into the habit of making it part of my morning routine.

10. Drink more water:

Always more water! I’ve already gotten better after purchasing this tumbler, so I’m already feeling good about that. However, I could always use to drink just a little bit more.

11. Find a weekend babysitter: 

We have an incredible nanny who helps us out during the week, but when it comes to the weekend nights, we don’t really have a person. Almost all of our  time now is spent being parents and as amazing as this chapter is, we desperately need some solo time. I’ve vowed to make a real effort to find a regular person that we’re able to utilize on the weekends.

12. Have date nights more regularly:  

See above!

13. Commit to the one in/one out method: 

Basically, if I’m bringing something new into my closet, something else has to go. Whether I sell it or it gets donated, the older I get, the less I want.

14. Spend more time with girlfriends: 

Countless studies show that the number one source of happiness is having meaningful human connections. I know that in order for me to feel truly happy and fulfilled, I need equal parts family time, husband time, solo time and girlfriend time. We don’t spend as much time together as we used to, but whenever we do, my heart feels significantly fuller.

15. Delegate:

Or at least, get better at delegating. Too often, I try to do it all or try to do too much and I end up feeling frustrated and burned out. I’ll also find myself expecting the people in my life to know what needs to be done, when that’s not always the case. Often, it’s as simple as saying “could you please help me with this…” and that’s it.

16. Less Single-Use Plastic:

I’ve gotten way better in the last year, but there’s always room for improvement.

17. Fast for at least 12 hours a day, several times a week:

Some may call it intermittent fasting, but to my knowledge, intermittent fasting is more like 16 hours a day. There are countless studies that show how healthy it is to give your body time to rest and time to digest. I would love to be able to do a 16 hour fast, but I’ll start with 12 and work my way up.

18. Saying no, when it should be no:

I’ve gotten way better at this. And I’ve gotten better at not committing to plans that I’m not interested in. I’ve gotten better at turning down jobs I’m not 100% sure about. And I’ve gotten way better at prioritizing how I want to spend my precious time. However, I still have found myself in a few situations where I asked “why did I end up saying yes to this when I knew I should have said no..” The goal is to continue to say no, when I know that’s what the answer should be. In the end, it contributes to my happiness and reminds me that I am in control over my time and energy.

19. More Photo Albums:

this year, I finally tackled our wedding album, from 5 years ago. I don’t have one physical album from when Nate was born and that’s a pretty depressing thought. The wedding album was a good start and next on the list, albums of the kids! Another idea is using Artifact Uprising to create beautiful books from your pictures.

20. Get Fraxel, again.

I had Fraxel done about a year ago and I was so pleased with the results. The beef carpaccio looking face and downtime was 100% worth it. Ideally, I would love to get it once a year.

What are a few off of your list? No matter how big or small. Please share below!



  • Ellie

    Love this list, Helena! For the photo albums, have you heard of Chatbooks? I’ve been using them for our annual yearbook for 4-5 years now and the only reason it gets done is because it’s easy. You do it in an app and it can pull from your Insta or camera roll (it will even add the date and Insta caption if you want). It’s one photo per page, so there’s no messing around with layouts (the former yearbook editor in me loves that but it takes so long). I hope that’s helpful!

  • Racquel

    Happy New Year! Congratulations on your new addition to your family. Such a great idea to make a 20 for 2020 list. I’m going to have to try this for myself. Getting in shape and mediating will definitely be on my list this year as well. Have a great week!
    -Racquel | http://www.purposelyyou.com

  • Rebe

    Hi, Helena. Do not be overwhelmed by my suggestion, but when you’re learning to drive, learn to drive a standard shift as well as an automatic. It will serve you well to do both. I enjoy your content and grounded viewpoint. Thanks for all you do.

  • Mireia

    These are really nice goals! I hope you can accomplish many of them this 2020!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Kate Lately

    This is a great list – makes me really excited to create mine!

    K A T E L A T E L Y

  • Jennifer

    Great list! I’ve been inspired to add some of these to my list for the year (one minute rule-brilliant!). I’ve recently discovered intermittent fasting and just started doing it. I would love to hear follow up on your experience with it as you do it. Best of luck with your list!

  • Janine

    Wow, that is a lot of goals for the upcoming year 🙂 I have found that in order to really stick to a new year resolution it helps to really specify a goal and make it measurable – for example, reading one book a month or something like that. Facilitates keeping up with your goal immensely.
    Xx Janine

  • Jessica Camerata

    Such a great list. Can’t wait to see how you redecorate! Photo albums are just the best, my parents have SO many from when we were little. It really is so sad we never think to print anything anymore. I’m sure your children will cherish them down the road.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  • Keely

    Love this post! I don’t think your things are cliche at all. You do what’s good for you! A few off of mine happen to be the same actually! Mine are:
    1. Make more time for myself.
    2. Less Instagram/social media scrolling.
    3. Read more. Already made a huge jump on this and read 4 books on my vacation!
    4. Stay in a workout regimen!

  • Janice

    So happy everything’s going great for you and your family.
    There are so many things on your list that I really relate to!! Like drinking more water, saying no sometimes, gratitude journal, getting rid of something when you buy something…
    I goal of mine also this year is to be a little less sensitive. I get hurt feelings when people are rude or cold. I really don’t want to get so hurt anymore!!
    Happy New Year! Many Blessings for You and Your Beautiful Family♥️

  • Jessie

    I have definitely got to incorporate number 13 in my life. I totally agree that, the older I get, the less I want to accumulate. I’m going for quality instead of quantity now.

    I am a bookworm and I downloaded the app Goodreads where I follow people who have similar tastes in books – it helps me make great choices since I have taken a break from scrolling instagram etc.

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  • Grace

    There are many things in your list I want to learn from, especially the one minute rule. 2020 has started for half of month but I still don’t see any changes in my daily life, haha. I must be more productive.

  • Stephen John

    Very nice article. I hope you will publish again such type of post.
    Thank you!

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