January 8, 2020

Easy Tips for Looking Put Together

Brooklyn Blonde Blogger, Helena Glazer sharing her Easy Tips for Looking Put Together

Brooklyn Blonde Blogger, Helena Glazer

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Easy Tips for Looking Put Together

These days, it seems like I’m always in a bit of a rush. If we’re trying to get out the door, which is an entire mission in itself, trying to look pulled together is not always an easy task. On most days, I don’t have that much time to strategically plan out outfits, so I rely on these few tips:

The Right Coat:

Jenna Lyons once said that a coat “is the finishing touch. Your very own candy wrapper” and I’ve never related to a quote more. The right coat does so much for an outfit and when I say “right,” it doesn’t even have to cost a ton. I mean, the above camel coat is from H&M Premium (sadly, sold out) and one of my closet favorites. It’s a matter of finding one that is flattering on you.

A Black Turtleneck: 

Whether it’s a chunkier sweater, a cashmere one or a fitted bodysuit like my beloved Wolford one, a black turtleneck is a must in my closet. I know that not everyone loves that feeling around their neck, but if you’re someone who does not mind it, it’s one of the easiest ways to bring a level of chicness to an outfit. I own quite a few and they all serve their own purpose.

Brooklyn Blonde Blogger, Helena Glazer sharing her Easy Tips for Looking Put Together wearing Sweater: UNIQLO, Denim: L'Agence, Boots: Balenciaga, Sunglasses: Celine Tilda and Belt: Similar Sweater: UNIQLO (s/o. similar here) | Denim: L’Agence | Boots: Balenciaga | Sunglasses: Celine Tilda (discontinued. similar here) | Belt: Similar 

Brooklyn Blonde Blogger, Helena Glazer sharing her Easy Tips for Looking Put Together wearing all red outfit Denim: L’Agence Margot | Top: L’Agence (similar here) | Sunglasses: Colors in Optics | Coat: Zara (similar here) | Lipstick: Sephora Lipstories #35

Brooklyn Blonde Blogger, Helena Glazer sharing her Easy Tips for Looking Put Together wearing Denim: H&M, Sweater: Aritzia, Boots: APC, Jacket: Mackage, Bag: MangoDenim: H&M (similar here) | Sweater: Aritzia (similar here) | Boots: APC (similar here) | Jacket: Mackage (similar here) | Bag: Mango

Brooklyn Blonde Blogger, Helena Glazer sharing her Easy Tips for Looking Put Together wearing Jacket: Vince, Denim: L'Agence, Scarf: Now/Arriving, Heels: AquazzuraJacket: Vince | Denim: L’Agence (similar here) | Scarf: Now/Arriving | Heels: Aquazzura

Mostly Monochrome:

I’ve always been such a sucker for a monochrome outfit. There’s just something so incredibly chic and flattering. Whether it’s done in full black, grey, white or if you’re feeling bold, any bright color.  The best part is that it usually requires a lot less thinking as monochrome outfits tend to flow quite nicely. The above are a few examples of some of my monochrome looks that came together with little effort. One thing to consider: play around with textures. An all black outfit is far from boring, especially if you combine different textures and the right accessories. Cashmere with leather, silk with denim, silk with leather, etc. You get the point!

The Right Accessories: 

These days, I do reach for black more often because it’s just so easy and these days, I need easy. However, I still want to look good. So the black helps act as an easy “base,” for the rest of the outfit.

The right accessories can mean a fabulous belt (check out my belt post), a couple of layered necklaces or stacked rings, a pair of sunglasses that makes you feel fabulous and of course, a great handbag or pair of shoes. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a bold lip. I usually wear lipgloss, but on the days I wear my red pop, I’m reminded at how much it does for a look.

Brooklyn Blonde Blogger, Helena Glazer sharing wearing Coat: H&M, Denim: Something Navy, Turtleneck Sweater: Similar, Flats: Chanel, Bag: Chanel 14C Red, Lipstick: Sephora Lipstories #35, Sunglasses: Celine TildaCoat: H&M (s/o. similar here and another great camel option) | Denim: Something Navy (old. similar here) | Turtleneck Sweater: Similar | Flats: Chanel (similar here)| Bag: Chanel 14C Red (similar here) | Lipstick: Sephora Lipstories #35 | Sunglasses: Celine Tilda (discontinued. similar here)

Showing a Little AnkleTrench: Zara (similar here) | White Denim: L’Agence | Heels: Jimmy Choo (similar here)

Showing a Little Ankle:

I cannot recall if I’ve shared this before?! I probably have because it’s one of my go-to tricks for creating a very flattering look. Weather permitting of course, showing that small amount of skin really helps to break up the outfit and give off a much cooler look. If I’m wearing flats or sneakers, 95% of the time, you’ll notice that I have a little ankle exposed.

A Frayed Denim Hem:

And to piggy bag off the above tip, with denim, I normally achieve the exposed ankle look by cutting my own hem. I find it creates such an effortless and well, cooler look. So I’d say that 75% of my jeans have a frayed hem, unless I’m going for a very specific, slightly more tailored look or if the jeans are very skinny, like my L’Agence denim. I use these garment scissors.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful! If you did, let me know and I’ll try to do these more often.



  • Janine

    Always on the look out for those kinda tips! I absolutely agree with the one about adding little accessories, they give your outfit the finishing touches and makes it look like you put a lot of thought into it and could not agree more with showing a little bit of ankle, Especially when wearing flats – it’s such a style must for me!
    Xx Janine

  • Docdivatraveller

    Your red outfit is killer! Love color any day. And yeah a coat is a must! Happy New year Helena. Following you since 2013!

  • Jalisa

    Yes to all of these! I love a good turtleneck and have built quite a collection myself. I also love a monochrome outfit and I absolutely love your red ones, though all look fab. I just need to add a camel coat to my collection. I own a black one I really love, but I need the same cut and style in camel. Thanks for sharing all your suggestions!

  • aaron scott

    Very informative! I loved the red killer look!

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  • Elise

    Thank you for these helpful tips! I can’t believe I’ve never thought about applying these to my life! You are so so FAB!

    XO, Elise

  • Shaunda

    I LOVE this post!!! This information is about the style I like and makes it seem possible for those of us that struggle putting outfits together. Thank you!

  • Gabrielle

    Great blog post! Do you have a post on how you hem your jeans or an IGTV of it?

  • Jo-Lynne Shane

    I love this post! You inspire me to keep it simple and chic, and it’s so nice to hear how you manage to put those looks together in a way that looks effortless but sophisticated. I am definitely going to shorten my jeans… I think that’s a mistake I’ve been making. At 5’5″, ankle length jeans are usually about an inch too long for me, and I tend to cuff rather than cut.

  • Nancy

    Oh I agree on a black turtle neck and a monochrome look. I even spend a hole post talking about the black turtle neck a few months ago. So simple and so stylish.

  • Angela

    love these tips – your style is inspiring!

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  • Sanjay Mishra

    Your post is really very informative and attractive too.

  • S Mishra

    Hi, Thanks for sharing such an informative Blog
    Keep doing good work…

  • Theano Kolovos

    More of these!! I feel like this one needs its own header!

  • Brij Bhushan

    Excellent look and fashion. Its all are nice thanks for sharing with us.

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