August 17, 2022

Ten Splurge-Worthy Buys

woman wearing st laurent mules for Ten Splurge-Worthy BuysButton Down | Denim | Belt | Mules | Sunglasses |Bag

There’ve been things that I’ve purchased and months later, kind of regretted. Then there are other buys, splurge-worthy buys, some a much bigger splurge than others, that I’ve had zero regrets about. Whether it’s cost-per-wear, the quality or an item simply elevating an outfit (or just my day), below are eight of my favorite, kind of recent-ish, splurge-worthy purchases.

Ten Splurge-Worthy Buys:

Saint Laurent Mules:

If I had to pick a winner for my most worn heels in the last six months, it would be these. I didn’t expect to wear them as much as I have, but whenever I’m slightly dressing up, chances are, I’m reaching for these. They’re flattering on the foot, comfortable as far as heels go, and and just easy to wear. I sized up from a 39 to a 39.5.  I also got the black that I have yet to wear, but I know once fall starts, they’ll get the moment they deserve.

woman in white top and denim jeans for Ten Splurge-Worthy BuysButton Down | Denim | Belt

Celine Triomphe Belt

A very recent addition to my closet, but already a favorite. This belt has been on my radar for awhile, but I really wanted to go try it on in person before committing to it. I know that for many of you, an in-person-try-on is not possible, so for whatever my opinion is worth, I really love it. It adds such a pretty element to so many of my outfits, even something as simple as a white button down and jeans, like I’m wearing above.

For reference: I got a size 80 and this is the medium size.

My other favorite belt brands that cost a lot less are Anderson’s and B-Low The Belt.

woman wearing ATM Schoolboy Crew Tee for Ten Splurge-Worthy BuysTee | Shorts | Sunglasses | Belt | Slides

woman wearing white ATM Schoolboy Crew Tee for Ten Splurge-Worthy BuysTee (medium) | Shorts (true to size) | Belt (Medium) | Bag

ATM Schoolboy Crew Tee:

I’ll start off by saying that an $80 tee is most certainly not a closet necessity. I’ll also say that out of the dozens of tee that I have in my closet, it’s my favorite one. My mother, whose always been a material snob (polyester?! the horror), came over on a day I had one on and in her Russian accent, takes a piece of it between her fingers and says “this shirt feels expensive.” She’s not wrong. It feels and looks a bit more luxurious than the average shirt, obviously as it should at that price tag.

At this point, I have it in every single color (white, camel, black and grey) and wear them quite often. I machine wash in these bags and then hang to dry.

For another option that I love that is a fraction of the price, I love this one.  I take a medium in all of them.

woman holding a Naghedi Large Tote for Ten Splurge-Worthy BuysButton Down | Denim | Tote | Sunglasses | Belt

Naghedi Large Tote:

I’ve been talking about my Naghedi Large Tote a lot over on instagram and with good reason. It’s become one of my most worn bags, whether I’m lugging around things for the kids, heading to the beach or the pool, commuting into the city with my laptop and other tech gadgets, etc. You get the point. It’s light-weight, fits a lot and considering how much I put it through, never loses its shape by stretching out. It would also make for a great diaper bag. It fits comfortably under the arm and while there is no closure, that’s not something that bothers me. It comes with a handy little zipper pouch, but you can always add more to keep your things organized. I’m really contemplating getting the black one as well.

If the measurements of the large are a bit too big, it also comes in medium.

AGolde Lana Jeans:

These are splurge-worthy buys which are more recent addition to my wardrobe and one I know I’ll be wearing a lot. They’re a straight leg style that look good with both heels, flats or sneakers. Not too low, not too high and very flattering. They’re 100% cotton so take a few wears to break in, but I find they run TTS.  Also, I have a larger, more detailed denim post coming next week. I’ll be sharing my favorite styles for the season in several washes, including light and black denim.

woman wearing AGolde Lana Jeans for Ten Splurge-Worthy BuysScarf: Acne Studios | Coat: Zara (several years ago) | Pants: Aritizia Effortless Pants (size up) | Boots: Reformation

Celine Bucket 16:

One of my favorite buys in 2021 and a bag I fully reviewed here.

woman wearing white shirt and pantsTee: | Belt | Bag

Dana Rebecca Ava Bea Necklace:

Full disclosure: Dana Rebecca generously offered me a discount on this necklace, but if I didn’t get one, I’d still purchase it. I knew I’d love it, but I didn’t expect to love it-and wear it almost daily-as much as I do. Mine is the 14/16 size and in white gold.

Bottega Belt:

I was lacking a white/neutral belt in my closet because I really didn’t think I’d wear it that often. Turns out, it’s one of my most worn belts in my closet. Once the weather gets cooler, I cannot wait to style it with winter whites. I got a size 80.

Eberjey Pajamas:

Last week, someone asked me what my favorite pajamas were and it’s a question I answered with zero hesitation. At this point, I’ve accumulated several pairs (both the shorts and the pants versions ) because quite frankly, they’re all I want to wear. I’ve had my first pair for several years and they’re still in impeccable condition and if anything, they get softer overtime. They’re pricey, but they’re truly the softest, most comfortable and high quality pajamas I’ve tried. Target does has a dupe, but I don’t think they’re comparable.

Parachute Robe(s):

I’ve never been a big robe person until these robes have come into my life. In the past, I’ve found them to be too thick, too heavy and not something I necessarily enjoyed being in for more than three minutes. Once I discovered Parachute robes, it’s been a game changer. I own both the cotton cloud and the waffle robe (I keep one in Pennsylvania) and while I absolutely love the waffle one, it does snag on some of my bracelets that I rarely take off. For that reason alone, I’ll say aI prefer the cotton cloud. If you’re not someone who wears bracelets for this to be an issue, I’d pick the waffle. I love the texture and look of it, but either way, you cannot go wrong.  I promise! For reference, I wear a size medium in both.



  • Kristen

    This is such a great post—thank you! And as I respect your opinion and honesty, if it wouldn’t be too painful, I’d love a post on the splurge purchases you regret and why!

  • Anna

    How do you wash and dry the eberjey pajamas? I want to say they said hand wash or something and that immediately turned me off

    • Jessica Curley

      I have so many pairs of these….and, while the care is not ideal, they are COMPLETELY worth it, and I am never wearing any other pajamas. I wash mine on delicate, with Woollite, then line/hang dry.

  • Megan Fordahl

    I’ve been drooling over the parachute robe for months! Perhaps it’s time……

    Loved this post!

  • JP

    Love this post – I also have the same ATM tee and have been telling all of my girlfriends to get one!

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