August 22, 2022

Fall Denim Guide: Six of my Favorite Pairs

Agolde Lana | Button Down (in a size 2) | Mules | Bag | Sunglasses | Belt

Denim dominates my wardrobe, my style and what I wear 80% of the time. It’s one of the most important elements to my closet and what I base so many of my outfits around. I love having a variety so I can pick what I want to wear based on my mood, whether I’m wearing sneakers or heels or what plans I have going on.

While my favorite pairs of jeans can change from year-to-year or even season-to-season, below are six of my most worn pairs at the moment.

For reference, I’m about 5’7″ with longish legs, a booty (not huge, but there’s something there) and I typically wear a size 27 in most pairs.

woman wearing white top and denim for Fall Denim Guide

Agolde Lana 

Fit: Mid-rise, straight-leg, 100% cotton.

Sizing: Fits true to size. I wear a 27 in most Agolde denim. They start out a bit snug, but after a wear or so, they fit perfectly.

What I like to wear them with:  I find them to be so flattering with everything from heels, to flats to sneakers.

Notes: At the moment, I’ve found myself reaching for these the most. They make me feel good and feel very relevant to the denim trends happening right now, but without feeling like I’m trying to hard.

woman wearing white top, blazer, and denim for Fall Denim GuideAgolde Fen | Tee | Chanel Flats | Bag: Chanel Trendy CC

woman wearing Agolde Fen jeansAgolde Fen

Fit: High-rise, straight/slim-leg, 100% cotton.

Sizing: Fits true to size. I’m in a 27.

What I like to wear them with: I’ve worn them with all sorts of footwear, but I particularly favor them with a chic flat (ballet flats, loafers), sneakers an ankle boot or an over-the-knee boot.

Notes: Super flattering and if you’re someone who favors a skinny jean but wants a bit of an update, these are a great option.

woman wearing Slvrlake Grace Crop in whiteSlvrlake Grace Crop | Sweater (now available in black. I’m in a small) | Sneakers | Belt | Bag | Sunglasses

woman wearing Slvrlake Grace Crop in white and striped topSlvrlake Grace Crop

Fit: High-rise, wide-leg, cropped, 2% stretch.

Sizing: I like to size up in light denim so while these can fit TTS, I got a size 28 so they’re a tad looser.

What I like to wear them with: I’ve found these to be way more versatile than I thought. I like them with flats, sneakers, heels and a slim boot.

Notes: These are a newer pair, but I’m feeling confident they’re going to be a great addition to my wardrobe, particularly when I want to switch up from wearing blue or black denim. Ohh and the thought of these with a creamy turtleneck, a brown belt and boots. I’m starting to get excited!

woman wearing Agolde Riley Crop jeansAGolde Riley Crop | Tee (medium) | Blazer (small) | Sunglasses | Similar Boots

woman wearing Agolde Riley Crop jeans and blazer Agolde Riley Crop

Fit: High-rise, slim leg, thicker-weight stretch (59% cotton/40% viscose/1% elastane).

Sizing: Fits true to size, but if you’re in between sizes, I’d size up. I’m in a 27 and they fit well, but are on the more snug side.

What I like to wear them with: As noted above, they’re a thicker-weight stretch, so between the material and the color, I tend to wear them with knitwear, blazers, ankle boots, sneakers and a lot of more fall/winter clothing.

Notes: These also look great with heels, but I tend to prefer them with what I listed above. I particularly love them with a boot that’s worn underneath the leg, as shown in the outfit I’m wearing.

Agolde 90’s Pinch Waist | Button Down (small) | Belt | Mules | Sunglasses 

Agolde 90’s Pinch Waist

Fit: High-rise, Straight-leg, 100% cotton.

Sizing: Fits true to size. I’m in a 27.

What I like to wear them with: I find these to be quite versatile working well with every type of footwear. Above, I love the proportion of a heel with the slightly wider leg, but they look great with a lot of different footwear.

Notes: I hemmed the bottom using a garment scissor.

woman wearing denim jeans and leather jacket for Fall Denim GuideCitizens of Humanity Annina Trouser:

Fit: High-rise, Wide-leg, 100% cotton, light-weight.

Sizing: Fits true to size. I’m in a 27.

What I like to wear them with:  As the name suggests, they have the look and feel of a trouser, making them one of my favorite pairs of jeans to wear dressed up, particularly with a heel. I should note: they’re a tad too long for me to wear without a heel (I’m 5’7″), so if I was taller, they’d probably work well with a different shoe. However, they’ve become my sightly dressier jean, one of the reasons they’re a favorite. They also released a new wash that I am very tempted to get, especially going into fall.

Notes: The material on these is super lightweight, making these one of the most comfortable pairs that I own.

collage for Fall Denim Guide

1. Citizens of Humanity Annina Trouser

2. SLVRLAKE Grace Crop

3. AGOLDE Riley Crop

4. AGOLDE Fen High Rise

5. AGOLDE The 90’s Pinch Waist

6. AGOLDE Lana Vintage Straight

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  • Rachel

    I love the Agolde Fen jeans on you. So cute! I just might have to give them a try. I have the Riley Crop in Shatter (a light wash with some distressing) and I live in them. They feel great on and make me feel my best. I’m looking forward to picking up some denim in a darker wash for fall.

  • docdivatraveller

    Love all these pairs! I wish I was as tall as you! I still love slim fits, and love a white pair whenever I want to stand out!

  • Ana Winter

    Add to cart … all of it! Thank you for the guide.

  • Ishak Ahmed

    Hey! Denim is my favourite thank you for share 6 type of guide in paire.

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