August 17, 2022

The Celine Bucket 16 Review

Coat: Mackage (this years version) | Sunglasses

A long overdue review. It’s a bag I get frequent questions on and after owning it for almost six months, I feel like I’m in a place to give it my proper review.

As I mentioned, I got the Celine Bucket Bag around six months ago after contemplating it for 2-3 months prior to purchasing. That’s typically how I work with my designer/big handbag purchases. Unless I’m traveling to Paris and feeling spontaneous about buying something, I’ll contemplate a big buy for awhile.

In this case, it was a bag I started seeing on Pinterest and every single time I’d spot it, it would stop me in my tracks. It was something I felt like my closet was lacking: a bag that was a bit larger, less structured and a rich tan in color.

The Celine Bucket 16 Review


It comes in two sizes (the teen and the regular size), and the one thing I didn’t debate for one second was which size I’d get. I like to carry a lot of stuff with me, especially if I’m commuting, and I felt like my closet was missing a great, larger bag in this color. It fits a lot: my phone, a little makeup bag, my pocket Mason Pearson, AirPods and a wallet. It cannot fit a laptop, but can definitely fit an iPad.

The Celine Bucket 16 in brownColor Choice: 

It comes in several beautiful shades and I really don’t think one can go wrong with any of them. I already own a lot of black bags, but nothing in this beautiful, rich hue that I knew would compliment my entire wardrobe. I wasn’t wrong and I have zero regrets with my color choice. It works so well with cream, camel, black, navy. Anything, really.

woman holding the The Celine Bucket 16 in brownJacket: COS | Pants (size up) | Mules 


One thing I will point out is that I haven’t found it to be a complete all-year-round bag for my purposes. I think I’ve worn it a handful of times this entire summer as I prefer to wear a slightly smaller bag when the weather is warmer. I prefer the look of a summery dress or shorts and a tee, with a bag that’s proportionate and appropriate to the outfit, whether in size or material. If I want to carry some extra things, I’ll wear one of my smaller bags and then carry a larger tote with everything else. I know this sounds silly, but the first bag is part of “my outfit..” whereas the secondary tote is just for transporting everything else.

On the other hand, I love it during the other months. It looks great with outerwear, knitwear, denim, boots, sneakers. It’s just not a all-around summer bag for me.

woman holding the The Celine Bucket 16 Button Down | Denim | Belt | Mules | Sunglasses |Bag

Material, Details, Opening:

The material is smooth calfskin and while I’m not wearing it daily, I find it to be pretty durable. It doesn’t have any visible scratches yet, pretty miraculous for someone like me. I do think it’s inevitable down the line, but it’s a lot less fragile than I would have thought.

 There is also no top-zip, but rather a gold-tone turn luck. This doesn’t necessarily bother me, but I know that no full closure is a deal breaker for many.

This bag also comes with a thin, zipper pouch, a nice little add-on.

woman taking a selfieTrench (similar) | Denim | Sunglasses (color is slightly darker) 

The Added Strap:

The strap was a pricey add on to an already expensive purchase, but I don’t regret it. I first saw Arielle from Something Navy add the strap and I fell in love. It comes in two lengths, short and long, and several color options. I have the longer of the two and the beige/white color.

Since getting it, I tend to wear it the added strap more than the one the bag came with. I also love the look it gives the overall bag, so while it’s not a necessity, it’s a really great detail.

woman wearing a grey coatCoat: Random brand but I love this one | Denim | Loafers | Sunglasses 

Is it Kid Friendly?

If I’m with both kids and walking by foot rather than in our car, I’m probably not wearing this bag. I prefer to have something that’s smaller on my body and if needed, also a larger one that I have to be less careful with. If you’re looking for a mom-friendly bag for mom mode, I wouldn’t recommend it.

I tend to reach for it when I’m going somewhere without the kids or if we’re all driving in the car rather than walking. I should note that in NYC and in my neighborhood, I walk a lot, but I know that’s not the case for everyone.

Scarf: Acne Studios (and this new color is dreamy) | Coat: Zara (several years ago) | Pants: Aritizia Effortless Pants (size up) | Boots: Reformation


Overall, I do love it and I’d get it again. Again, I appreciate that it’s understated, larger and just a cool looking, attractive bag. If you’re following along on Instagram, you may know that I’m currently debating a small Bottega Jodie. When and if I get it, in due time, I’ll compare the two and tell you which one I would get if I had to choose. This one is a lot less, so it certainly has that in its favor.

Where to Buy: I purchased both the bag and the strap from Inna at Bergdrof. It’s also available at 24S if you’re buying online.



  • Francine

    Hi Helena,

    I love this post. Always interesting to hear an honest Handbag review! Would you ever consider a summary post featuring your entire handbag collection? It’s been a while since you showed us what’s still in your closet 🙂


  • Jessica Camerata

    I am not one for a designer bag, but I always said if I ever did splurge on one, it would be a Celine. And likely this one. It’s just so good. Love the minimalist shape to it too, yet feels cool and different somehow.

    xo Jessica
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  • Becky W

    Thanks so much for posting your review of the Celine bucket bag! I am planning to get the white one for the summer and am curious as to whether the bottom of the bag is fairly firm/structured? I have a full size Celine wallet that I use in my micro belt bag (which is a firm bottom), and it doesn’t bulge from the weight. I’m just wondering if the bottom of the bucket bag bulges from the weight of the items in it when you’re carrying it? Or does it hold the weight well and remain flat? Thanks so much!

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  • Brigitteb

    Hi. When you’re wearing this bag with the long strap, do you think the short handle that goes across the middle gets in the way when grabbing things from the bag? Does it move much? I just got this bag and haven’t used it yet. I’m starting to worry about the short handle annoying me so I don’t want to use it until I decide if I’m going to keep or return it.



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