April 6, 2023

Amazon Favorites: Kid Edition

collage of Amazon Favorites Kid Edition

A few weeks ago, I shared my non-kid related favorites from Amazon, but for this round, it’s all about the kids.

Below are some of my go-to Amazon favorites, kid edition:

Girls Bike Shorts (3-Pack):

A friend of mine introduced me to these shorts when Sasha was two and we haven’t looked back. As soon as the weather gets warm, she wears them under dresses and often, simply on their own. They come in a variety of colors and we stock up on all of them.

New Balance Boy’s 237 V1 Sneaker:

Nate has a ton of sneakers, but if you were to ask him what his favorite pairs were, it would be these. So easy to slip on and off (they’re lace-free) and feels like walking on clouds. Amazon sells a bunch, but we also get them here.

Kids Headphones with Microphone (2-Pack)

Got these recently and they’ve been great. They also come with a Y adapter that allows two headphones to be plugged into one tablet.

WeeSprout Divided Bamboo Plates:

What is it about little dividers that make meal or snack time so much more fun? We love these and use them daily.

Bento Box Snack Containers (4-Pack):

It feels like these have been all over instagram lately, but for good reason. They make snack time so much easier and more fun.

Mini Handbag + Sunglasses:

We love this little handbag + sunglasses combo and I will often add it to a girls gift bag and it’s always a hit. Comes in several colors and for Easter, I got Sasha the red one to add to her “handbag collection.”

642 Tiny Things To Draw Book:

Nate is very into drawing and this has been a favorite to keep in our “kids supply bag” for when we’re going to restaurants or on a plane.

LCD Writing Doodle Board Tablet:

Both my kids have and love this and it’s an essential for when we’re traveling, dining out or simply entertaining ourselves at home.

Drawing Stencils:

 Both kids love these and they buy us a few peaceful moments of silence.

You can also find twelve of my favorite (not kid related) items here.



  • Docdivatraveller

    Need those bento boxes ASAP! Great curation!

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