March 29, 2023

A Week in Outfits


I’ve been sharing my outfits on the internet for almost 13 years. It’s the way that I’ve shared them, that has varied depending on where we are in the social space and where my head is at mentally.

Admittedly, these days I share more of the outfit stuff on instagram, but I’m definitely back to focusing a lot more of my energy here. Recently, some of my favorite fashion content has been easy outfit photos (less editorial which I do still love and appreciate), with notes on where said outfit was worn and all of the details around that.

Examples and inspiration include Grace Atwood and the substack of Megan Alida Strachan, founder of Dorsey.

A Week in Outfits

I will say, the below is a mashup of ten days rather than a week. It’s the days I actually got a chance to document or looked a smidge nicer than leggings and an oversized sweatshirt.

For the above outfit:


Dinner at Zaytinya, a newer restaurant at the Ritz Carlton in Nomad followed by drinks at Nubeluz, right upstairs (separate reservation required) . I went out with three girlfriends who I call “my mom friends” because we all met-and became close-through our kids. Making great friends as an adult is definitely possible!

What I’m Wearing:

A new bomber jacket from The Frankie Shop (in a medium), trousers from Theory, shoes from Saint Laurent, earrings from Demarson and my Chanel Trendy.


I was taking an uber so heels were a no brainer for me. Plus, the restaurant and my own mood called for slightly dressed up vibes. The pants feel a bit too corporate workplace  on their own, but I love them mixed with something that’s the complete opposite, like this bomber.

woman in black shirt, leather jacket, and denim jeans for A Week in OutfitsWhere:

Dinner at Lilia with one of my closest friends, Nayila aka Naj. It was a back-to-back restaurant night which does not happen often.

What I’m Wearing:

The same Frankie Shop bomber jacket, AGolde Lana denim, Aeyde boots and an old Celine box bag.


I wish I could link these boots because they’re one of the most comfortable pairs in my entire closet. I was taking the subway to meet her and wanted something cool, but comfortable.

woman in grey sweater and white jeans for A Week in OutfitsWhere:

Visiting the new creative studio space Keith and I recently rented! It’s going to be his Post Production Audio Studio and I plan to use part of the space for some of my projects. This is the first time I’m really mentioning it! Haven’t spoken about it on instagram, but excited to share about it on here.

What I’m Wearing:

Everlane sweater, Citizens of Humanity Jeans (TTS), Chanel flats that I found via The RealReal. Sunglasses are Colors in Optics (use code Helena20).


I wanted something easy and comfortable. We were walking through the space and trying to figure out the decorating plan.

woman in grey shirt, leather jacket and denim jeans for A Week in OutfitsWhere:

Create Comfort, a furniture store in Red Hook, Brooklyn. We’ve ordered so many things from them via instagram, but this was our first time visiting the location.

What I’m Wearing:

Same Frankie Shop Jacket I’ve been wearing all week, Citizens of Humanity Annina Jeans, Chanel flats, Chanel Medium Flap:


We need to start furnishing the studio and bringing it to life! I’ve actually been thinking of hiring an Interior Designer who can help us plan out the best spacing for everything. While I’d like to think I know how to pick out things that will work nicely in the space, it’s the placement of everything that always overwhelms and confuses me. I designed our Lake House, but this feels entirely different. One day I’m like “I’m going to take this challenge on” and on other days I’m like “screw this. We need a pro.”

woman in black top and leather jacket and beige trousersWhere:

Shooting the outfit (with Keith) for a partnership with Sézane followed by dinner at Sugarfish.

What I’m Wearing:

All Saints Leather Jacket (sized up to an 6), Sézane pants (they run TTS), Chanel slingbacks that I’ve owned for years, Zara tee and Chanel Trendy.


This day, our plan was to shoot one of three looks for Sézane (shot the other looks at a previous date) and then have a little catch up session over an early dinner. We had child coverage that day, so when that happens, we try to squeeze in a little work and a little fun.

woman in coordinated top and trousersWhere:

Atlantic Pacific x Lake Pajamas Collaboration Event

What I’m Wearing:

Shirt and Pants from Favorite Daughter. White Manolo Blahnik BBs, Jaquemus Bag.


I’ve been eyeing this number since I saw it on Shopbop and I couldn’t help but want to infuse a little purple into my closet. For those who know and follow Blair, know she’s one of the most colorful people on the internet. It felt quite appropriate to wear to her event.  I will add, I don’t really love the shoes I’m wearing with the outfit. I would have preferred something sleeker and probably a sandal rather than a shoe, but I needed a pedicure and didn’t feel comfortable baring the toes for this night.


Solo weekend with kids. Saturday we went to Footlocker in midtown Manhattan for a sneaker collab they did with Bluey, one of my kids favorite shows. After that, we went out for a bagels brunch at the Tin Building.

What I’m Wearing:

Frankie Shop cropped moto jacket, Le Jean Stella denim (TTS) and Aeyde boots. Paired the outfit with my gigantic Chanel Maxi that I’ve been wearing more in the last month than I have in years.


I was seeing people so I wanted a look that said “She’s a cool mom, but also looks comfortable.”


Solo kid time continued. On Sunday, our neighborhood had a St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the last one in NYC.

What I’m Wearing:

Frankie Shop cropped moto jacket, AGolde Fen jeans, Everlane Alpaca sweater, Adidas Samba, Colors in Optics Wooster Sunglasses (use code Helena20).


Again, cool comfort is my goal when I’m on full fledged kid duty.



  • Sarah

    I loved this recap!! Especially the “whys”

  • Jessica

    Love the outfit recap! I’m an older millennial and still like looking at blogs posts vs just Instagram/stories/TikTok.

  • Emilia Dobrydney

    Love your posts here!!! It’s always nice to come back for inspiration as well as links 😉 The glam, the low key and down to earth–all of it is sooooo good 😉

  • Meg

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone add “why” and I LOVE it! Please continue! As a fellow mom who is also striving to look like a cool mom, this is so helpful. Thank you!

  • HeAther Gavitt

    I’d seen most of these looks in your IG stories, but really liked reading your thought process as you chose the outfit.

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