November 4, 2016

Which Version Do You Prefer?

7 For All Mankind  Brown Suede Moto Jacket 7 For All Mankind  Brown Suede Moto Jacket

7 For All Mankind  Brown Suede Moto Jacket

Suede Jacket: 7 For All Mankind via Off Saks (wearing a small) | Sweater: JOA | Denim: Levis | Shoes: Aquazzura | Belt: Gucci | Handbag: Ralph Lauren Polo  ℅

Some of you might notice that in two out of the three photos, I have a belt on. Normally, the details of my outfit will be consistent throughout all of my photos, but this time around, I wanted to share both versions.

In all of my years of blogging, this sort of thing happens quite often. I’ll get dressed, look in the mirror and mentally confirm that everything flows together. Once we start shooting, a few minutes in, I’ll look at the photos and analyze whether I’m happy with how everything is looking. It’s funny, because there are times, and it happens quite often, where I’ll be satisfied with my reflection, but then I’ll see the photo and something feels off. It can be something as little as the way my pants are cuffed or wearing a necklace (or not) and in this case, the addition of a belt.

On the day that we shot these photos, I was going back and forth between which version I liked better. Ultimately, *I think* I prefer the simplicity without the belt. It just seems to work together better. Maybe the cognac of the brown and the black of the belt is kind of throwing me off, but then I asked my good friend and she preferred the belted version.  How about you guys? Which version do you prefer?

Situations like this have also made me learn my lesson that sometimes, a mirror reflection can be deceiving. Have any of you seen a picture of yourself and thought “Oh no! I could have sworn my outfit worked when I looked in the mirror!” Don’t you hate when that happens?  I’m not sure why that is, but it happens to the best of us. On nights that we’re going out or heading to an event (even when I’m NOT shooting my outfit), I’ll ask Keith to snap a photo to analyze how my outfit looks. If he’s not around, I’ll snap a selfie in the mirror! It’s been a helpful trick!

photos by Keith Hodne



  • The Yuppie Closet

    Belt! But without the bag. We love the simplicity of your look without the belt, and it’s time that women get back to wearing belts with their jeans – its a cute accessory! Not that one should wear a belt every time, but some of the time would be a cute look.

  • Ikram

    I think the “problem” isn’t the belt at all. It’s the bag! I also prefer the version with the belt but without the bag! You have such a beautiful style! Love your blog beauty.

  • Ruth


    I love the look with the belt and it’s because your jeans are a higher waist, the belt adds the perfect addition.


  • Ruth


    I love the look with the belt and it’s because your jeans are a higher rise, the belt adds the perfect addition.


    • MAJA BON

      I agree

  • Grace

    I think the belt works when you’re not wearing the jacket. The hardware of the belt is what is eye-catching, and for that to go up against the details of the jacket it’s a bit much. However, the belt itself is gorgeous. As are you!

  • glamourzone

    I love the look with a belt.You look stunning

  • Lauren

    I prefer the version without the belt x

  • Brittany

    I like without- my eyes are forced to look at the entire outfit and not focus on the hardware of the belt 🙂

  • Barbara

    Love with the belt!

  • Claire Bakker

    Belt for sure!


    The belted version, the simpler version is tempting but the belted version gives more Character to the look.


  • Beth Norton

    Both look gorgeous but without is definitely my favourite! You’re right about the simplicity, it allows you to appreciate all the other details of the outfit. Love this look 🙂

    Beth x

    • Alice S

      Please get rid of the GG belt altogether. It makes every thing look cheap and dated. Other than that a great casual chic outfit! Thanks!

  • Meg

    The belt makes the look more editorial.
    Without looks more day to day polished.
    I think to belt or not to belt has more to do with what you are feeling in the moment.
    Both are superb looks.

  • pia

    I think belt adds a nice touch to this outfit!
    Fash ‘n’ fudge
    Fash ‘n’ fudge

  • brett

    I totally agree with this! I often shoot an outfit and feel so disappointed if it’s not as cute as I thought. We’ll just reshoot the whole look with updates. I think it was Cher in Clueless who said she takes polaroids because she doesn’t trust mirrors! Haha! 🙂

  • Liz

    Belt – Looks very polished!

  • Val

    With belt, however you look stunning either way

  • Helen

    I like both versions to be honest, but prefer the one without the belt. There are so many cute pieces in this outfit, that it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of simplicity.


  • Janice

    Belted. It looks more polished.

  • Stapha Charleme

    I like the belt with the jacket 🙂

  • Bri

    Lovely outfit.

  • Maria

    Love the belt, I also love the bag with the outfit

  • Sel

    Belt. I prefer jeans, whether they are high rise or low rise, to be belted. Belted jeans are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, regardless of whether your style is classic, boho, edgy etc. The belt doesn’t always need to grab the eyes attention, it can be subtle (almost invisible). In my opinion, an outfit with unbelted jeans looks unfinished and not cohesive. Also, I detest the gap at the back that one has with unbelted jeans. And, more than anything, I do not want to see an individuals underwear, backside or bum crack – things that could easily be remedied with a belt and proper fitting and waisted jeans.

  • Christine

    No belt! You can appreciate the outfit better without it (it stood out a lot). I just prefer simplicity.

    Love your style and your blog!

  • Sophie

    Love leather jackets in softer shades!

  • Gitta

    I like the belted version better, since the Gucci belt is such a great statement accessory.

    x Gitta //

  • Lori

    I love both looks. But I strongly disagree that the belt makes the outfit look “cheap” or “dated”. Gucci is a classic and will never look anything but posh:) You look beautiful in both, so it is whichever you prefer that day!

  • Chantal Caissie

    Love the simplicity of the outfit without the belt!

  • primrose

    Can so relate to this! Personally, I prefer with the belt! Such a gorgeous look! x

  • sanja

    The both ways are ok, but I prefer without belt..Love the jacket and bag! You are gorgeous in any case 🙂

  • Judy Nielsen

    I like the belt but a simple one without the big buckle.

  • Anette

    Something about the bag I’m not crazy over, but love the belt. The outfit is adorable:)

  • Bianca C

    The belt definitely adds the ‘put-together’ look in this outfit. Also I have to agree with the other girls – the bag doesn’t work for me!

    instagram: @biancamecastro

  • LAurel t canYon

    To be honest, the bag throws off the whole outfit. Not a fan. Other than that a great look.

  • Nicole sioui

    Definitely with the belt!! To the contrary, the newer Gucci belts are an up-to-date touch; making this outfit look current.

  • Alyssa

    LOVE this leather jacket! So perfect for fall! Love it all. xx

  • Elsa Costa

    The belted version !! I also think that is more the way you handle the bag when you have the belt ! This item upgrade your look !

  • Inna

    I agree with you. No belt look gives more flow to the outfit

  • Karen

    I like both versions. I would have combined different shoes. I love them but not with this look.
    Xo Karen

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  • Fashion and Frappes

    I definitely prefer the one with the belt. I think the cognac of the jacket and the colour of the belt buckle really goes well together.

  • Tyler

    Totally been there! Love both version & I never wear a belt, but feeling it here.
    x Tyler

  • Carrol

    I do love both. However, I agree that it may be the bag throwing me off a bit in the belted look. My mood dictates whether I wear one as well. Both looks are amazing and can be recycled often throughout the season, maybe changing just the shoes or bag to add a different feel. Cheers!

  • M godil

    wow, you are looking so your heels..

  • Magda

    Belt. Great look!

  • Julia

    I really love your belt, but I am not feeling it with this look, I say lose the belt.

  • sherita Rankins

    I was torn and went back & forth- Kinda would like to see the sweater out if you have no belt. Either way – both ways are very stylish! Been trying to get into Fall fashion since I not in New York this season –

  • Carmel

    Originally the belt caught my eye, but I do like the flow better without it. I think this belt is having a real momet though!

  • Monika

    I do the same thing! I like the belt on!


  • Tamara

    No belt. Perfection.

  • Sarah

    I love your honesty in this post because I’ve done the same thing! But I have to agree with you that I like it without the belt, it’s simple .. maybe because that’s more of my style but I agree that it flows better. Your Suede jacket is gorgeous BTW.
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put an outfit together and when I saw a picture said YIKES!! We’re all human it happens haha but I will definitely take your tip and take a picture of the outfit BEFORE leaving the house lol

    Xx Sarah

  • Trish

    No belt, I love that sweater!

  • Steal4Style

    Well, maybe I would choose without the belt, because it’s more casual, effortless and minimal. It’s more my style. But both version are great!

  • Shirley doremi

    Love this suede jacket and Gucci belt! I absolutely prefer the one with belt which adds so much more to the whole look.

  • Maggie Adofo

    Without the belt keeps it SUPER simple. The belt is a great statement if going so that sort of vibe.



  • Elizabeth

    I think in both looks, the outfit looks equally chic, but without the belt, I notice that it looks ore simple and it seems like everything just flows better? Regardless, though, this is such a great ensemble! Super chic!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Sheena Douglas

    Definitely with the belt!

  • Dy

    No belt with the light denim jeans. But with black jeans belt would go great. Yours is my fav of all blogs. 🙂

  • Ilana Mannine

    Hi! Love the look. What is the quality of the jacket like? I’ve been wanting to buy it but would like your feedback first! Thank you

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