September 30, 2023

Weekend Notes: September 30th

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! This past Thursday was my birthday and it was a fun-filled birthday weekend with some of my favorite people.

On Thursday, Keith and I had such a nice day with a boozy lunch at Cafe Spaghetti. It was our first time there and it was really good. They also have a beautiful backyard area that would be perfect with a large group or with your family. After lunch, we walked around Dumbo, swung on some swings and came home for cake and to celebrate with the family.

Friday night, I went to dinner with a couple of girlfriends and tonight (Saturday), going to another dinner with friends. The truth of the matter, I love any reason to celebrate: my birthday, a friends birthday, a milestone, a regular Tuesday, I’ll take any excuse.

My substack on The Prada shoes.

On that note, while I didn’t end up with the Prada shoes, I did get these. I’ve been looking for a fresh black heel that I was able to walk in. I haven’t worn these outside yet (only around the house), but they seem very comfortable.

COS makes such great outerwear. I got this double breasted coat and it looks similar to a few that are double or triple the price. I tried on both a 4 and a 6 and the 4 is perfect. Still a smidge oversized, but looks nice and polished. (update: I see most sizes are sold out online but it’s possible they will restock)

A gorgeous cashmere sweater in a pop of red.

My five different outfits using five pieces from SĂ©zane.

These New Balance sneakers are back in stock.

Saks is having their Friend & Family sale and so many great things are 25% off. Some of my personal favorites include this striped Polo sweater, these Toteme boots, Spinelli rings, this faux leather jacket that looks $$$, and this Loulou Studio pinstripe blazer.

A tour of Daniel Boulud’s Upper East Side.

A fuzzy cardigan from Madewell. Also, Does anyone else feel that cardigans are all the rage right now? Don’t get me wrong. They’re a classic and always in style, but it feels like they’re having a bigger moment than I’ve seen in a long time.

This is another great one for $128.

The interiors that made Nancy Meyers a Design Icon.

The Charleston city guide I plan to reference next time I visit.

Eight ways to banish misery.

I ordered this knife a few months ago and it’s made chopping vegetables (or anything, really) so much easier. I love it.

I’m planning to try this bolognese sauce tonight.

Wishing you all a fab week!



  • Sneza

    Even just looking at the photo of that knife made my bowels clench together… I don’t think I could have it in my house 😂

  • Francine

    Unless they are grandpa cardigans to throw on when you’re freezing at home…I just can’t. I’m good with letting this trend pass. Same for baggy skate jeans (my boys wear them, so let’s get real).

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  • Alicia Moore

    That bolognese recipe seems so fussy! My boys love this one here. I’ve never made the lasagna, but this sauce with mezze rigatoni is perfection. I don’t measure the canned tomatoes, I use the whole can, squeezing them in to the pot. If the kids squirm over veggies, shred them. Although that knife would do a fine enough chop!


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  • Henry Larry

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