September 26, 2023

Five Pieces: Five Different Outfits

collage of Five Different OutfitsToday, my five outfits are all revolving around five different wardrobe pieces: a white button down, black trousers, straight-leg blue jeans, a skirt and a cardigan. It’s pretty incredible what having a few key items, can do for your seasonal wardrobe.

Sézane has quickly become one of my favorite brands for beautifully made classics with a twist. While I occasionally partner with them for instagram (not the blog), I really wanted to bring the outfits into a post that lives on the blog so it’s easier to reference. All sizing and notes including below.

Five Pieces: Five Different Outfits

Five different items, five different outfits (accessories not including, although I am wearing the gorgeous Sézane Mara bag in several of the photos):

Helena Glazer Brooklyn Blonde blogger wearing wide pants for Five Different OutfitsGiacomo Trousers | Mia Cardigan | Mara Bag| Shoes | Belt (sized up to a 85)

 In general, I find Sezane to run a little small. I’m in between sizes (between a 4 and a 6) and I size up to a 6 in almost all of the pants, including these. In the Mia Cardigan, I could have taken a medium, but I opted for a large so it’s a little roomy. I’m a size 34D chest, so that’s also something to consider. If you’re very sensitive to materials, I’d say the cardigan is a tad itchy. It doesn’t bother me, but something to point out.

Giacomo Trousers | Max Shirt| Bottega Wallace| Chanel flats.

I’m wearing a size 6 in the Max Shirt. For a detailed review on the Bottega Wallace, here’s my post. 

Gillie Skirt | Max Shirt | Mara Bag | Mia Cardigan | Chanel Shoes

We’ve been seeing so many cardigans. Sometimes they’re on the body, sometimes they’re draped over the shoulders, like the above and below outfits. I love the added layer of warmth and texture that it adds to the outfit. Paired with the Gillie skirt that I am wearing in a size 6.

Brut Sexy Denim | Max Shirt | Mia Cardigan | Bottega Wallace

I love these jeans and I don’t know if the above photo is doing them justice, but it’s what I got. They’re the perfect straight-leg, 100% cotton (don’t let that scare you), blue denim staple. From my personal experience, they run small. I’ve seen some say that they sized up one size, but I had to size up two sizes to feel comfortable. I do have hips and a booty (thank you Peloton), so maybe that’s part of it?

Brut Sexy Denim | Mia Cardigan | Bottega Wallace

Hope you found this post helpful!



  • Joann

    What size sweater did you buy in the gray Mia.

    • Helena

      Hi Joann! I took a large but mention in the post a little more details about sizing.

  • Diana

    Do you have a link to the brown and black sling backs in the fourth photo?

    • Helena

      Hi Diana,
      They are Chanel so no direct link.

  • EaseToLearn

    Very unique combination, all are looking beautiful

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  • Shayan

    Very nice blog.

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