October 23, 2020

Weekend Notes | Off to the Catskills

Weekend Notes | Off to the CatskillsHat: Janessa Leone | Blazer: Zara | Cashmere Joggers: La Grace | Bag: Medium Chanel Flap

Later this afternoon, we’re all packing into the car (dog included) and heading upstate for a quick getaway to the Catskills.

We’ve done several small getaways since the summer, but we realized that they were all with friends and never just our family. I randomly started searching for houses on Airbnb and because it’s such a popular time with leaves and fall, there were basically no houses left that suited our needs. I ended up randomly refreshing and one incredible house popped up. A house that is booked for most weekends, but according to our back and forth, the owner had a cancellation. I knew it was meant to be and I booked it immediately.

Weekend Notes | Off to the Catskills

Speaking of foliage, here are some of the best places to see fall foliage (+ specifically in New England.)

I’m packing a bunch of things, including Halloween cookie dough from Chip NYC. 

An easy tip for looking “expensive..” 

Earlier this week, I got my Golden Coil planner and I love it so much! Madison of Style & Such has a great post that I referenced.

If you’re looking for a new night serum, I love this one from Farmacy. It leaves my skin with such a nice glow each morning.

The Banana Republic Heritage collection is very good.

I love this cream colored jacket. 

A beautiful sentiment shared by every New Yorker right now.

These sock slippers look so cozy for upcoming colder days. I also love these and feel like they look a bit crisper and nicer than Uggs?

Found the most budget-friendly ballet flats so similar to my Chanel pair (wearing in this post here.)

6 ways to spark creativity when working by yourself.

I recently updated my rug post and the etsy shops I’ve used to find some of the vintage oushak rugs in our own home.

I recently got this shacket and I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do! I’m wearing it today with my black Commando leggings, a black tee and my combat boots. Will share a photo soon!

Would you try this taco recipe?

Excited to see these sunglasses back in stock.

This does not make me want to go hiking in the mountains..



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