October 22, 2020

A Tip for Looking “Expensive.”

A Tip for Looking Expensive

A Tip for Looking Expensive

A Tip for Looking ExpensiveCoat: H&M (wearing a S) | Sweater: H&M (similar) | Denim: H&M (sized up to a 6)  | Slides: Manolo | Sunglasses: Le Specs

On days where I have zero energy to put something together, but still want to look like I tried a little bit, I throw on varying textures of one shade. Honestly, it’s the easiest trick to look put together. The key is to pair different textures and tones.

A Tip for Looking Expensive

The other day, someone DMed me and said “what’s your trick for looking expensive?” which made me laugh. Yes, I invest in accessories*, but lately, a lot of my clothes are from H&M or Mango. I’m all about a high/low, especially when these particular retailers are killing it.

So basically, one of my main tips for “looking expensive” is monochromatic with varying textures and shades. Even when I’m wearing head-to-toe black, which happens on most days, different textures and tones is the trick. This post is another good example of that.

With this particular pair of jeans, I cut the hem of jeans. I know I’m repeating myself, but I’m a fan of a little ankle showing as I find it elevates the look. Whether you buy your jeans a little shorter (like I did with my Levi’s) or cut them yourself, it’s my go-to move.

This coat is currently out of stock in this color, but if you’re in the market for a black one, it’s a good one.

*side note: if spending a lot on accessories is not realistic, there are so many less expensive options that look so good. Polène is one example. This bag would look killer with this outfit! I’m actually eyeing it in camel.

photos by Keith Hodne 



  • JoAnne

    You look FABULOUS!

  • Janine

    Yes, absolutely agree on this tip! This outfit is actually amazing, thanks for the inspo!
    Xx Janine

  • Rach

    That’s a great tips! You do an incredible styling budget-friendly clothes and looking luxurious in them!


  • sara

    Yes, absolutely agree on this tip! This outfit is actually amazing, thanks for the inspo!
    Xx Janine

  • miki

    I adore this outfit so much!
    Miki x


  • Kait McKee

    Love this! Cuyana and M. Gemi would work well accessory wise!!

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  • Rasha Altaaj

    I love your tip for looking expensive and even I love your dress sense. I will definitely follow your tip and I want to look expensive.

  • shopghumakkad

    very nice

  • shopghumakkad

    outfit is very great

  • John Danial

    Great tips for looking expensive . I love for dressing sense Keep sharing blogs about new fashion.

  • Kevin John Hill

    Yes, indeed very informative tip regarding fashion I guess you have a close eye on fashion industries and trends. Anyhow keep posting these creative blogs.

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