May 21, 2023

Weekend Notes: May 20th

woman with her kid sharing Weekend Notes May 20thZip Through | Pants (wearing a small in both) | Sneakers (sold out, but these are similar) 

Hard to believe we’re in the last weekend before Memorial Day. After an incredibly social week, we drove up to our lake house to slow down and reset for the weekend. I don’t think I’ve had this many activities on the social calendar in years and quite honestly, it’s been really fun.

I’ve mentioned it before, but since the pandemic, I’ve been craving more social and human connection. I know that not everyone feels that way and in fact, from the conversations I’ve had, it seems that the pandemic has made so many of us feel less social. It’s a topic I want to elaborate more on. What category do you fall under?

Weekend Notes May 20th

In the meantime, let’s share great things from this past week or two:

Dyson just launched their latest product, the Airstrait that has been getting a lot of really positive feedback. It’s an annoying fortune, but admittedly, I’m intrigued. I ended up ordering it from Nordstrom because if I hate it, they make returns easy. Part of me wants to be underwhelmed because of the price alone, but for the sake of research, I have to find out for myself. Stay tuned!

How to cultivate friendships without spending.

Are you actually self aware?

What to do (and not do) when your friend has a newborn.

My fav liquid blush at the moment.

11 celebrity beauty gurus and the summer products they swear by.

Imagine waking up to these waterfront views.

Everyone should have a classic, black  blazer in their staple wardrobe. Here’s a similar one that’s more budget-friendly. I own and love both! You can’t go wrong.

The latest pair of jeans that I love so much. I reach for them when I want to wear jeans, but slightly dress up. They’re long, so I wear them with a shoe that has some height. I styled them here and here. 

3 things you should never do right before bed.

The best screen cleaner. I use this for all of our gadgets.

This zip sweatshirt + matching pants are the softest pieces I’ve ever worn, truly. I own ivory marl (wearing it here) and today I ordered the black.

An outfit idea on how to style these New Balance sneakers.

I’m planning to make this orange beef dish this week.

As we enter grill season, here are three chicken marinades that sound so delicious.

Best stretches to try if you slouch.

A perfect coin necklace.

Big fan of this crochet bucket hat that I’ve already worn so much of.

Have a wonderful week!



  • Docdivatraveller

    Never been that of a social person but this pandemic has really changed me. I too have been craving interactions like never before! Working from home can get real lonely.

  • Michelle

    I have found myself less annoyed by crowds but also more selective in who I will spend time with. I love the social interactions, but tend to seek out people who share very similar values and views.

  • Jody Winter

    I was introverted before, but now even more so since COVID. Am actively working on getting out a little more. In fact, my word for 2023 is ‘reconnect’!

  • RZ Threads

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  • Brynetta Hill

    I’ve kinda been introverted much of my life but being married to a true extrovert I’ve experienced really happy moments being surrounded by large crowds.
    Then Covid hit and forced isolation pained me. I craved and still crave social interaction. I dreaded the end of remote work but now I am so incredibly grateful that I get to sit with my colleagues all day five days. (Although I would love at least one remote day.) I’m even at a place where I keep asking my husband every weekend to plan something.

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