May 25, 2023

Our Girls Trip to Puerto Rico

yacht docked at the beach for Girls Trip to Puerto RicoLast month, I visited Puerto Rico, with five others, for a best friends Bachelorette Party. The last time I was there was actually for my bachelorette party, ten years ago.

Our Girls Trip to Puerto Rico

The trip itself was special for many reasons, but mainly being able to celebrate a person (and couple) we all love so much. It also didn’t hurt that we’re all busy and tired moms. Getting the chance to go away on a child-free trip with a bunch of great women is something none of us took lightly.

We ate some truly incredible meals, slept, day drank by the pool, read books, had morning workouts without feeling rushed and just chatted without any interruptions. It was bliss.

I also just love the island and people of Puerto Rico so much. The people (and the place) are lively, passionate, have a zest for life, live for good music and simply here to enjoy life. Please sign me up.

I wanted to give a little summery and also provide some recommendations if you find yourself visiting.

As usual, I asked on my instagram stories for the top hotel recommendations. Below are the places recommended the most.


Condado Vanderbilt Hotel:

Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton 

Royal Isabela

Fairmont El San Juan

La Concha Renaissance 

Olive Hotel

Based on our needs and taking into account the budget for our group, we opted for the La Concha. It’s actually the hotel we stayed at for mine (again, ten years ago) and I was quite surprised to see how much it was still being recommended.

If I’m going to be blunt, I would not recommend it after our trip. I really hate to talk badly about any business or company, but I’m here to be honest. Ten years ago, it was wonderful. This time around, the service was lacking and each room (we had two, in completely separate wings), found a roach in the room. I don’t think that has ever happened to me at any hotel, so to say we were startled and grossed out is an understatement. When we bought this to their attention, they were pretty ‘whatever’ about it. The location was great and there were definitely several nice things, but the cons outweighed the pros for all of us. I would not stay there again unless a serious reno took place.

If I were to do the trip again and it worked with everyones budget, I would opt for the Condado Vanderbilt or if we’re splurging, the Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton.

As far as restaurants, we ate some really incredible meals.


On our first night, we ate at Yoko, a Japanese spot that came highly recommended. Apparently Bad Bunny sings about it in one of his songs, so it’s extra buzzy. Bad Bunny aside, we all loved it. Everything we tried was fresh and delicious, cocktails included. The place isn’t big, but has a nice, chill atmosphere. Reservations are needed.


Again, we went here ten years ago and I was so glad to see that it’s still holding strong and possibly, better than ever. We started out with a cocktail by the bar and then proceeded to have such a wonderful meal. The atmosphere is lively, the people watching was very enjoyable and each dish we tried was delicious.

Cocina Al Fondo

This place (only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday)  was recommended by a friend who spends a lot of time in PR. It was one of the best meals we’ve had and recently, the chef was nominated for a James Beard award. The atmosphere is relaxed and homey feeling and the cuisine is authentic Puerto Rican, but done in a really innovative way.

Casita Blanca

The same friend who recommended Cocina Al Fondo (above) also recommended this spot, a winner of a recent James Beard award. While I didn’t have a chance to go, two of the others, who arrived a couple of hours earlier to visit their family, ended up being taken here. It’s traditional Puerto Rican food that they raved about it and insisted that we try to go back as a group, but unfortunately, timing didn’t work out.

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