October 11, 2019

Weekend Notes & Links

productive weekKnitted Sweater Coat: Mango and currently their entire site is 30% off with code ‘Columbus 19.’ (wearing a XXS-XS)| Skirt: Topshop | Shoes: Schutz 

Happy to report that this past week felt very much like a productive week. I met with a closet organizer (more on that soon) to help give me the push I need. On top of that, we’re redoing the closets in the kids room and the week after, the organizer will come over to help with our kitchen, junk drawers and my hot mess of a beauty closet. Not sure whether it’s the change of seasons or if I’m just in full on nesting mode, but whatever it is, I’m riding with it.

I also met with my doctor this past week and she does not predict the baby coming early. So hopefully, that gives me some time to get it all in before life gets even more hectic.

It was a productive week indeed because I also published one of my most highly requested posts, a step-by-step guide to a great skincare routine. I’m sitting at a coffee shop at the moment and about to tackle the rest of the questions in the comment section. So be sure to read that part as well.

Some other good stuff & links:  

Mango is having 30% off their entire site with the code ‘Columbus 19.’  My three favorite pieces: this braided knit sweater, this chunky turtleneck in black and this cozy knit jogger set (pants and hoodie). And if you missed the knitted sweater coat (wearing above) the first time, some sizes are back in stock.

Is it too early to get a flu shot?

Instagram’s latest feature is borderline brilliant.

How to get yourself to read more books before 2019 ends.

17 places to go if you’re looking for the laziest vacation ever.

For some incredible costume ideas, be sure to check out Keiko’s blog. Over the years, she’s had some of the most creative costumes I’ve ever seen.

I’ve shared the camel version of this coat a few weeks ago, but I recently saw a friend wearing it in red and it was stunning! If I didn’t already own two red coats, I’d spring for it.

A nutrient packed pumpkin muffin recipe.

Entrepreneur, Dee Poku: “I want to believe that lemon water can cure a lot of life’s ills.”

The clothes hangers I’ve switched over to (50 for $20!)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! I recently started watching A Million Little Things, so I’ll be catching up on season 1!





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