June 25, 2021

Weekend Notes & Links: June 25th.

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The past two weeks have been one big emotional rollercoaster. Quite frankly, I didn’t realize how much anxiety I would have leading up to my first Father’s Day without my father. I mean, I knew the day would be hard, but I didn’t expect to feel so overwhelmed by the thought of it. It’s almost like the day itself was easier than the lead-up, if that makes any sense? Then, this past week we had Nate’s Pre-K graduation and while that doesn’t seem like such a big deal, it was so emotional.

In September, he’s off to a new school where Kindergarten will be the youngest grade and 5th grade will be the oldest. It’s a hard concept for any parent to wrap their head around. He’s currently home for a little bit before he starts camp and I’m trying to plan as many fun activities as we could fit in.

Weekend Notes & Links: June 25th

On another note, I’ve been enjoying getting back into a regular posting groove. On Monday, I posted the ten items I’m buying from the Amazon Prime Sale and I was shocked that it was one of my #1 posts this entire year.

I also had the incredible opportunity to curate an assortment of my very favorite pieces from Dana Rebecca. If you’re not familiar, she has the most beautiful accessories. I broke everything down in this post here. 

I stared a new series of my favorite items from the past week. 

Looks like Trader Joe’s is now selling its own version of hot honey sauce; might be having a taste test soon to see if it compares to our family’s go-to Mike’s Hot Honey.

Everyone should have a classic, leather skinny belt like this in their wardrobe. The one I linked is reasonably priced at $45.

All the great things Vitamin C does for your skin. My personal favorite is still Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, even given the hefty price tag. For one that doesn’t break the bank, The Glow Maker from Maelove is great. 

When it comes to washing linens, should the water temperature be hot or cold?

Good read on how the Covid pandemic affected marriages and caused divorce. 

The perks of living alone. Have you ever lived alone? I was a latchkey kid growing up and lived with roommates, but never actually alone.

This flattering dress comes in a few colors and I ended up getting sage and black. Looks good dressed up or paired with sneakers or sandals.

Here are the top 10 shows & movies to watch on Netflix right now.

Love how this straw visor can be rolled up to fit in any beach or pool tote.

An under $150 sandal perfect for summer events.

11 texts to send to family when keeping in touch.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! We have a pool party tomorrow and are going to drive to Pennsylvania to check in on the lake house. Hoping to wrap that up soon.





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