January 17, 2020

Weekend Notes | January 17th.

under $65 jacket + weekend notesDespite two nights of being up with Sasha all through the night, I’d like to say it was a really good week. Nothing in particular happened, but mentally, I’ve felt good. I woke up feeling grateful, started using the five-minute journal and even managed to squeeze in a few 20-minute workouts in. It’s truly fascinating how a few little things can shift your perception and in turn, your day/month/life. I desperately needed that shift after feeling a little blah the weeks before that.

Below are some recipes I made this past week, an under $65 jacket that I had to get, a recipe notebook that I’m loving, the #1 question to get your kids talking about school and a few other links from the week:

This past week, I made two Half Baked Harvest recipes: my favorite 30 minute ramen and a healthier version of an Italian wedding soup. Both so incredibly satisfying, especially on a cold winter day. I love her recipes so much that I had to purchase her book. 

And to keep my recipes and meals in order, Meghan recommended this recipe planner notebook and I love it! Helps me plan out what meals I want to make and what ingredients I need to buy so much more than a regular piece of paper.

Is your fixed mind-set holding you back?

Grabbed this coat that Amy Jackson recommended and it’s 50% off. It’s not warm, but perfect for a breezy day when a heavy layer is not necessary. I bought it in a US size 6 and it’s a bit oversized, which I’m into.

The best vitamins to take during flu season.

Lulu & Georgia is having 20% off of all rugs with the code ‘RUGS20.’ Currently on the hunt for a new rug for our bedroom and eyeing this one and this one.

Been wearing these boots a lot more than I anticipated.

Grace has a fabulous post on winter date ideas in NYC. Definitely makes me want to plan a few nights out.

I need to try this salad out.

Happy so many of you love this fridge calendar too!

Whenever I pick up Nate from school, I always ask him “so, how was school today?” to which I get a “it was fine…” response. Here’s a great post on the #1 question to get your kids talking about it.

Erin Sousa wrote such a great post about how to get ahead financially. Why don’t they teach this stuff in school?

Um can I get a giant gift from Beyoncé?

First it was landlines, and now this is the next thing predicted to disappear by the time our kids grow up..

Price aside, I can assure you this hairbrush is more than just a regular hairbrush!

The 9 worst crimes against pizza, from kiwi to mayo.

Have a wonderful weekend!




  • Mireia

    So many things to read!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Floranet

    Creative Writing!! Continue your great work.

  • David Pace

    I understood that very well thank you so much. And if you are in need of any Planter Boxes Service. Call us!!

  • Meghan

    I truly can’t believe I waited until I was 34 years old to begin meal planning haha – the pad is such a game changer! So glad you’re finding it helpful!

  • Desi Buenrostro

    Part of me is not surprised by the article about sinks. Little by little, our voices will be the way we control everything. The good thing is it does sound quite convenient.

  • Laurel

    Gotta buy that recipe planner, it’s exactly what I need now. Thank you!

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