February 27, 2018

Two Looks | From Day to Night

Celine Medium Classic Bag, Gucci Ace Sneakers, Spring Style, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Levi's denim, beige trench coat, Helena of Brooklyn BlondeCeline Medium Classic Bag, Louboutin Platform Nude Pumps, Spring Style, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Celine Medium Classic Bag, Spring Style, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Coat: Old Zara (similar here and here) | Denim: Levis | Sneakers: Gucci | Heels: Louboutin (budget-friendly here) | Sunglasses: Color In Optics | Bag: Celine | Lipgloss: Bobbi Brown ‘Pastel’ #12. 

Not pictured in these photos is the large tote bag I lugged into the city with all of my stuff. Unlike living in LA or a driving city, when I leave my home for the day, I’m pretty much a bag lady. It’s really not the most glamorous way of living, but the reality of how it goes down.

In this case, I wore sneakers during the day and changed into heels for an evening event. I know I could have gotten away with just wearing sneakers, but I always feel a little more pulled together when I have a heel on. Just a personal preference!  And these heels – one of the most comfortable pairs I own. I’ve sold many of my Louboutin ‘So Kate’ & ‘Pigalles,’ but this platform version, which they recently brought back into their line, are a pair I could never part with. So comfortable, as far as heels go! For those wondering about sizing, they’re my usual Louboutin size, but 1/2 size larger than my usual go-to size.

So, which outfit version do you prefer?

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