February 28, 2018

A Postpartum Hair Update | Aveda Invati Advanced Part 2

Postpartum Hair, Aveda Invati Advanced line, Helena of Brooklyn BlondePostpartum Haircare, Aveda Invati Advanced line, Blonde, Helena of Brooklyn BlondeAveda Invati Advanced line, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

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It’s been several months since I’ve been using the Aveda Invati Advanced line, although I’d say about 5 weeks since using it consistently. I’m truly convinced that the combination of the Invati Advanced line, in addition to everything else I do to take care of my hair including limiting my use of heat products, has helped my hair thinning. You might notice that I’m wearing my hair back more than ever, simply because it requires less heat maintenance. While I feel prettier with my hair done (who doesn’t?), I’m doing everything I can to get it to a good place.

Now, if only I could fully eliminate color, but that simply cannot happen. My natural color, neither a true brown or blonde, makes me feel drab and like a plain Jane. I wish that wasn’t the case, but it’s simply the truth. I’ve learned the hard way, that the key with color is having a good colorist. A colorist that won’t overlap and will take the time to truly only color new growth.

The main premise behind the Invati Advanced line is that thicker, fuller hair starts with proper scalp care.  I mentioned it here, but I never realized just how important properly cleansing and exfoliating the scalp was. Think about how many products we use that potentially clog the pores on our scalp! The Invati Advanced Shampoo removes buildup of sebum and product residue on the scalp that can clog pores. Again, we’re taught to take such good care of our skin, but the scalp is something we’re not even educated on.

I know many people will read a sponsored post and brush it off, but I fully believe in the range. If you’re struggling with something similar, I really suggest going about a similar routine.



  • Fatou

    your hair looks amazing!

  • Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

    Thanks for this hair update! Your hair looks amazing!

    I hope you’re having a great Wednesday,

  • Francine

    Hi Helena,

    Happy to hear that these products work for you. I would definitely encourage anyone experiencing hair thinning/loss to first visit their doctor. In my case, my thyroid was off. Meds have helped enormously. I’ve also been taking Viviscal for about a year – but frankly, not seeing any benefits. Conversely, I’m afraid to stop for fear of what *might* happen!

  • Kristina

    I always wanted to try Aveda haircare. Your hair looks great and I love this pompom sweater!

  • Shloka

    Your hair is looking so good babe! Great review!


  • Jae

    I recently purchased this line from Aveda and can’t wait to see a result!

  • Alicia Moore

    This is something I have been researching since you posted a link from Gothamista on scalp and hair care. I think I may just have to try this out. I’ve noticed since working outside everyday now that there are differences with my scalp and hair just like my skin depending on the season! This post is greatly appreciated.

  • Victoria

    This cold, dry winter has definitely taken a toll on my hair, so I really appreciate the recommendations! Your hair looks beautiful!


  • Quinn

    I really need to give this a go because I am the SAME way. My hair isn’t a brown OR a blonde and I feel the need to have it colored – blonde specifically. My hair thinning has finally stopped too, but regrowth is just such a long process. Are you taking any supplements?

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  • Nicole Sioui

    When looking at these pictures, one would never think your hair was thinner! When desired results are achieved; do you have to continue it as a permanent hair care routine or can you alternate with other products?

  • Sharon

    I love all Aveda products and have been meaning to try this one. I am actually having a scalp issue right now. I have dandruff because my scalp got a little too much sun exposure a couple weeks ago. It’s so gross and annoying. I really appreciate your honest reviews.

  • Pam

    I get keratin treatments and I’d like to know if these produce are safe for that or do they contain sulphates.

    • sohbet

      vov thanks bro 😀

  • sohbet

    thank you are good

  • Sel

    Hello Helena, I am happy to hear that your hair is starting to recover after having your gorgeous son.
    As someone who will be fifty one this year and going through peri-menopause, I just wanted to make you aware that as a woman ages and begins peri-menopause and finally enters menopause, hair naturally starts to thin (around 40 years of age). As you are already aware that colour damages hair, colouring your hair as you continue to age may not be the best option if you want to maximise hair health and thickness as you age. I stopped colouring my hair when I turned 40. I have grey hair. It is long (reaches past my shoulder blades), thick, wavy and healthy. I frequently receive compliments on my hair (and get asked many questions by friends and strangers). Friends that thought I was crazy to embrace my grey, now regret not doing the same. They are now 50, continued colouring and the effect of colouring and menopause has resulted in their hair becoming thin and dry. Just giving you a heads up, colouring is not something that you can do indefinitely if you want to maximise hair health and thickness as you age. Dear Helena, you are blessed with physical beauty and you take care of your health. If you stopped colouring and let the colour grow out completely, I pray that you see how gorgeous your natural hair colour is. Even with grey hair, individuals would say that you are a beautiful woman. Manon Crespi (early 50s), Teruko Burrell (60 this year) and Roxanne Gould (60) are all grey haired models and grey hair does not detract from their beauty. Google them and see. Also go on to pinterest, search grey hair and you will see everyday individuals with gorgeous shades of grey.

  • syamala

    Thanks fot this hair update..hair looks amazing….

  • trauma psychologist perth

    Your hair looks great in these photos

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