August 12, 2010




The other night, my friends Inna, Christina and I went over Innas house for a bit for some catching up, wine, and our usual girl talk! We later continued the night at a local restaurant/bar. While at Inna’s, I took a few shots of the Vogue magazines displayed on her coffee table. Anytime she travels to a country where they have Vogue, she ALWAYS picks one up!  I also took some shots of  only 1/4 of her ring collection and SOME of her jewelry collection. Her bedroom looks like a boutique with all of her jewelry and the way it’s displayed.

Also, luckily the burn mark I got on my neck is almost gone!!!

H&M Dress & Hoop Earrings
Matty M Boyfriend Blazer
Kelsi Dagger Shoes
Vintage Chanel
Bangles bought from


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  • LifestyleBohemia

    Love how your paired the striped dress with the classic black blazer – very cute! This jewelry collection is seriously heaven!
    I have a bottle of the Brooklyn vodka and am keeping it as a novelty, I think it's really cute.

  • Fashion-Resort!

    great outfit,dear! really like your striped top

  • Andi

    Amazing, as usual!
    Love your friend's collection, it's like part of her home decor! Very cool.

  • Lo alario

    a lot fo jewelry! i love it 🙂 and the jacket is fabulous 🙂

  • Anastasia

    i love your look!!!!!
    <3 <3 <3

  • helena

    LOVELY! ♥

  • Andee Layne

    loving the vintage chanel with the stripes xoox

  • Emilie

    The last picture is amazing …love your friend's collection!
    And you look so pretty in that dress!

  • Belle de Couture

    That dress is fabulous…LOVE it!

    And I am still obsessing about your shoes…want them so bad!

    And your friends jewelry table is insane…LOVE it all!


  • Jackie

    Love that dress. Shoes are so cute. Wow, love the collection of jewelry. Have a great day.


  • fshnonmymind

    Ha, ha, I just picked up a bottle of Absolut Brooklyn on my vacation. It's sitting in my kitchen waiting for the cranberry and ginger ale to show up before getting the party started.

    O-M-G, your friend's jewelry collection is insane. I thought I had a lot!!! My small dresser full of jewelry pales in comparison.

  • Hilary

    wow, your friend's jewelry collection is amazing! i like your dress too

  • Gabriella Almeida

    I'm from Brazil
    I love your blog, I'm always here, love your pictures and everything!
    If you do not care I link to my blog

  • The Girl With The Pink Nails

    I love the dress! I ordered him to.

  • Butterfly in Rouge

    Lot of jewelry!!
    I like so much your dress!
    And whole outfit!

  • stilettolover91

    Love the dress & blazer combo!!

  • dani@callitbeauty

    absolutely LOVE the dress!

    and your friends jewelry collection is inspiring some envy, for sure!


  • Moosette

    Such a fabulous idea – Love the idea of picking up a Vogue in every country… the perfect souvenir!
    Also – would die for her accessory collection!

  • Monica

    it does look like a boutique! wowee.
    I love Vogue in different countries too!

    your H&m dress is gorgeous! love your style!

    Monica xxx
    please check out my blog if you have time 🙂 would appreciate it.

  • Christina

    The pictures came out awesome!!! Good job for someone who was intoxicated haha!!


    Love your dress, and Inna's jewelry collection!!! xx

  • Claire

    love love love!

  • Helen [In Elegance]

    Am a big fan of strpes and peep toe boots. Love the outfit.

  • Carmen

    really nice outfit 🙂


  • Igotloveonmy4head

    That dress is very pretty! I love the colors.

  • hélène

    Those are some amazing rings! And what a crazy sick jewelry collection- it totally does look like a store lol


  • Liliana

    I loved this outfit and the rings are awesome!

  • LA

    Hot girl!
    You look like gorgeous in that dress and on those shoes!


  • Heather

    Great outfit!! And I'm insanely jealous over that jewelry collection haha.

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